Alive or Dead by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 1 Once Upon a Time.... or never play Poker with a Fable Demon

BecomingChosenGirl13 (JULIE)
01/12/2008 07:52 pm
Cool! Love you for saying the hole sticky thing very good....

05/23/2006 07:58 am
Glad she didn't leave him. I love this idea for a story. It is very original and amusing. I wonder what else was in that box.

05/10/2006 12:16 am
what an adorable fairy tale!
so pleased you liked it.

05/06/2006 01:54 pm
WAlt Disney gets his ideas frm a demon. cool. hey next time they could end up in KONG.
next time we’ll see the results of Spike rubbing that lamp! Could be fun.

05/06/2006 12:20 am
Lilac - Who didn't like this story? Let me beat them up. This is great Spuffy. I love it when the two of them argue. Not sure you can hope bitterly. And, good to know that Buffy is not prepared to leave Spike to his fate.

05/05/2006 08:42 pm
very good start. love buffy's "no choice."

05/05/2006 08:23 pm
Yay for Buffy following her heart ..even if she doesn't know it. Eagerly awaiting the next chappie!

05/05/2006 02:37 pm
Great story so far, very refreshing!
Waiting for the rest of it.
I must read that fairytale again by the way
Glad you liked it. Posting next chpt tonight - Friday.

05/05/2006 11:24 am
I am really enjoying this story and how you have reworked Jack and the Bean Stock to have Spike and Buffy in it. I like that as she got away she thought of the reasons that she should leave him (the extremely mean reasons) and how good it would be for her but turned around anyway.
Thanks for reviewing. So pleased you like the story.

05/05/2006 10:10 am
Yay for Fable Demons. Spuffy gets a silly adventure for a change.
I thought it would be pleasant relief from some of the more emotional stories.

05/05/2006 07:30 am *better* get back up there girl!!! I don't even *think* you're gonna leave him like that!! grrr... great story by the way, very into this one already and can't wait for your next update
Thanks for reading and reviewing. I’ve really enjoyed writing this one.

05/05/2006 04:33 am
Fantastic start! Love the premise, can't wait to read the second part.
Glad you’re enjoying the story. Hope you like the 2nd chpt.

05/05/2006 04:28 am
This is a great fic, I really hope you post the rest soon!
Thanks, posting tonight.
- Friday.