Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Invalid

08/21/2006 12:45 am
Is she in a different dimension? This is wild. What if they don't know her, then what's she to do? Great fic. Can't wait to read more. Excellent read.

06/19/2006 06:11 am
That's a scary situation. I wonder why they laughed when she asked for Giles. Great chapter

05/21/2006 02:50 am
Poor Buffy - I wonder when she is going to figure it out! Rather enjoyable second chapter!

05/18/2006 03:46 am
Oh no, Buffy is on Planet Vampiro. You'd better call Spike and forget about those other goofs. Wouldn't pin my hopes on that lawyer either. He might be Wesley's doppelganger.

05/12/2006 01:08 am
OHHH I wonder what you have in mind ... can't wait to see!

05/11/2006 09:51 pm
Ok, who is Holman Winters? I'm guessing Giles is famous or something now, or dead. Hmm. . . I'm interested.

05/11/2006 04:38 pm
Fabulous beginning... this is an interesting dimension she's found herself in. Looking forward to reading more about it!

05/11/2006 10:22 am
ok so the scoobies not exist in this world? or are they bad guys?

spikes slayer2
05/11/2006 08:28 am
aww.. are they like not real or something?

05/11/2006 07:15 am
This is still weird. Who is Rupert Giles in this dimension?

05/11/2006 05:43 am
very good update. buffy alway did need someone to research. and miss the obvious, much. love the read, thanks

05/11/2006 05:35 am
My, my. She is quite dim, isn't she?

05/11/2006 04:58 am
Woah, what the hell did you do Buffy?

05/11/2006 02:14 am
wow..i am absolutely hooked..i'm guessing in whatever universe she's somehow ended up in, her least giles...are like, incredibly famous for some reason or something?? i can't wait to see where you take this, and where spike fits'd be cool if he was in some very high position of power....can't wait for your next update!!