Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Thirty Years

06/05/2008 04:44 am
Harsh, the ending.  Spike is strangely in character while being totally out of character as far as the show extends.  I'm glad the two of them finally figured out the situation.  It's also nice to see how you've left room to include the junior-laywer, as a student myself.

01/09/2007 11:19 pm
Spike married Willow? Ick!

09/24/2006 02:44 am
oh god spike is MARRIED. NO NO NO NO NO ...FIX it FIX it. *screams*

Ok...I'm ok now...carry on with your story.


08/21/2006 02:27 am
Spike married? Giles and Dawn died, now what's she going to do. Poor Buff, she's so lost! Gosh! I feel so bad for her. Very emotional chapter. Thanks for the read.

06/23/2006 09:22 am
Dawn's dead? I wanna cry.

06/22/2006 03:44 pm

06/19/2006 06:46 am
This is so horrible, you made me cry during the entire chapter. It's so well written that I can almost feel what she must feel. She's all alone is a weird future. And even the one person who loved her more than anything, is now completely different. And married?! That almost broke my heart. And Dawn? And Giles? All this because she wanted to find a way to save the world by going into this stupid dimension with the Shadowmen. So incredibly unfair! I want her to find a way to go back in time. I don't like that future with a Spike who is married to someone else damn it! (deep breath, calm down) Such an amazing chapter. I absolutely adore this story. So glad I started reading it.

05/31/2006 06:21 am
very good read. buffy adapting to all the changes will be challenging. hell, it will be a miracle if she doesn't come unglued in the next update. thanks for the entertaining read.

05/23/2006 11:31 pm
OMG! HAHAHAHAH! I probably shouldn't find this story as funny as I do, but i truly love the irony of Buffy coming back her holier-than-thou self and checking chucked in jail. Great story. Please give us more. Like who Spike married and how the heck is that gonna turn Spuffy?

05/21/2006 01:47 pm
*gasp* oh no!!!! WHY!?!?!

05/21/2006 02:54 am
Oh no *wails* not Giles (well 30 years that is to be expected) but Dawn as well! Why! Why! *Wails and thows fists around*

05/21/2006 02:47 am
Poor Buffy! thanks for the update. I'm glad that at least Spike is still the 'same' spike!

05/20/2006 11:52 pm
Mind Blowing! So many questions that need to be answered can't wait for next chapter, Great Job

05/20/2006 10:07 pm
Poor Buffy - how's she going to get out of this?? Great story.

05/20/2006 10:04 pm
oh whoa...way to break it to her gently, spike...*rolling eyes*...that's rough, giles and dawnie *both* gone... *tear*... can't wait for the next update, this story is fascinating

05/20/2006 08:57 pm
Wow! That was a really good chapter! It is just so sad that all of that time has passed and yet only a matter of hours for her! And who the hell is Spike married to?? I hope it isn't a friend that Buffy knows, cause I don't see that marraige lasting all that long now that she is back. Can't wait for more!!

05/20/2006 06:16 pm
Ya know I actualy feel sorry for Buffy No fair

05/20/2006 01:33 pm
Great fic, cant wait for more, dying to know who Spike is married to and what happened to everyone. more soon pls

05/20/2006 12:24 pm
I'm stunned about Dawn but pretty well accepted Giles would be since he never did well losing his Slayer. Dying to know who Spike married, naturally. I remember the vampire she killed had a child....wonder what other differences there are in this time period! Keep it coming.


05/20/2006 06:42 am
Oh, no...that's just going to break her...her own sister...

Spike married??? To who???

05/20/2006 04:44 am
This reminds me of Alias. Spike is married? I just can't imagine him married to anyone but Buffy. Unless he married Dawn and now she is dead, but he still keeps the ring on. I might be able to believe that. And Giles is dead too. So sad.

05/20/2006 03:37 am
Buffy's still not getting it, is she? I like the time traveler idea, nice way of putting the situation. Good Chapter.