Mask and Mirrors by pfeifferpack
Chapter: Chapter 7

03/02/2008 02:56 am
This fiction is so enjoyable and funny in a good way. Althouhg,I think Anne will be so very upset when Spike'll get himself all tortured up.
And I don't like the fact that Giles is interested in Anne.It will be too bad  for Spike!
But other than those,I liked it!
Thank you!  Yes Spike being tortured would not make Anne happy at all.  Giles likes Anne and maybe he'll be nicer to Spike beause of it.


04/23/2007 06:24 pm
oh the brain to eat going to be his mum??? oh i hope nothing bad happens, but i have a feeling it probably will great chapter, love
Thank you. Oh I want to spare poor Anne's brain for other things. k

08/15/2006 02:02 pm
oh poor Spike - he can't be captured now! I am loving this story! Great chapter update!

Harry 4Eyes
05/31/2006 06:04 pm
They have one of them electric blasters thingies they used to knock Spike out first time?

Poor Spike seems to be on the receiving end of allot of torture where Buffy is concerned. She put him in a wheelchari, the from the HellGod, then we had the season 6, i'm back from heaven beatings, then the trials beatings, and then the Ubervamps and first beating and then the whole internal combustion...all either from or for Buffy...he definitely got the worst deal didn't he?

Well atleast it isn't Spike's Mum, such a nice lady she is. and she is new so if they saw her they would have figured she's the key.

well really liking this fic so far.
Update soon

05/25/2006 09:12 am
omg.. jinx has a chip controller?

05/24/2006 01:52 am
very good chapter. your anne is a wonderful creature. thanks for the fine read.

05/24/2006 01:12 am
Greata chapter. More please...

05/24/2006 12:01 am
I love the information Anne gave Giles about Spike's education and his response and shock. Willow’s wording when preparing Buffy for the bot was perfect. And poor Spike he is headed for trouble and it isn’t going to be pretty. Thanks for the update, I really enjoyed it.

05/23/2006 11:52 pm
oh shit Glory is going to go after Spike's mom isn't she??? (

05/23/2006 11:34 pm
Mrs. Pratt will have Giles eating out of her hand before long and appreciating her son. She is a very loveable character. Great Chapter

05/23/2006 07:42 pm

05/23/2006 07:08 pm
Good chapter.

05/23/2006 07:07 pm
Anne strikes again. Giles is out of his league, LOL.

Oh no! An Initiative device? Eeep!

I hope they programmed the bot to keep secrets.

05/23/2006 06:32 pm
Fabulous chapter! I like how Spike's mom is adapting to modern life. I'm sure Glory will shake things up a bit though!