Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Blue

08/21/2006 02:36 am
His wife's not going to like it, especailly if she knows about her. Or is he a widower? Anyway It's just heartbreaking for her. Another emotionally packed chapter. Thanks for the read.

06/23/2006 09:25 am
Who is xander married to? and Willow? And Spike?

06/22/2006 03:48 pm
Dawn's dead. So sad. Who is spike married to?

06/19/2006 06:52 am
So sad.

05/31/2006 06:29 am
good chapter. would have bet on dawn as his bride, until he couldn't remember the color of her eyes. thanks for the great read.

05/30/2006 05:11 am
Who is he married too? This is drving me crazy...maybe its Anya? I hope not.

05/29/2006 05:55 pm
Very interesting, I can't wait to see how the world has changed and all that. Who is Spike married to? Is it someone we know and love/hate? I'm sure this will be a fun ride.

05/28/2006 01:21 pm
poor buffy that is so sad= am enjoying the story perhaps an agnst warning is needed though, but really good story!

05/28/2006 09:11 am
Just found. Need more now. I can't imagine being in a world thirty years after you left it. Buffy's gonna have a hard time adjusting to everything and all these weird new rules. Oh, and when Spike told her it had been thirty years and she saw the wedding band, I totally flashed back to season 2 Alias And what is he doing being married?! She's supposed to be his forever.

05/28/2006 06:47 am
aww... that is so not fair for her... i was like nearly sobbing..

05/28/2006 04:06 am
Magic sent you there, dear. Magic can send you back. The Shadowmen want her to learn from this time, though.

05/28/2006 03:08 am
Excellent chapter. I'm thinking from the discussion of Dawn's eyes that Spike might have been a might closer to her than Buffy realizes at this point. Looking forward to see where you go next. Thanks!

05/28/2006 03:00 am
Your story depresses me so much (which means you're doing a wonderful job) but I can't seem to stop reading it!

05/28/2006 02:28 am
this chapter was heartbreakingly sad and sweet...the discussion about dawn's eyes nearly had me in did the end of the chapter...and well, pretty much the whole chapter excellent update, can't wait for more

05/28/2006 02:09 am
Poor Buffy - it just gets worse.