Broken Things by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Prologue

08/19/2006 01:13 pm
This is the first fic that I've read of yours and it looks very good. Like where you're starting from. What happened to Spike? His ear is bleeding? I'm guessing it's part of the plot, so I guess I'll see what's the what. Good read, thanks.
Thank you, honey! I guess by now you've answered most of your own questions. Glad you enjoyed it.

07/12/2006 01:10 am
awesome beginning...trying to catch up on my, on to the next chapter!
Thanks, honey! The prologue is almost entirely canon, but I'm glad you liked my interpretation. BTW Is this Karyn a.k.a. kargrif? If it is you might discover that you didn't quite get entirely caught up. I always give readers on LJ or my own site at least a day's head start on any archives where I post, so you'll find a new chapter of Unfinished Business has been posted since you did your reading here...

05/31/2006 05:44 am
fun read, thanks. should be an enjoyable read, with such a good starting point.
Oops! Looks like this one came through twice, but thanks for being doubly encouraging.

05/31/2006 05:31 am
fun read, thanks. should be an enjoyable read, with such a good starting point.
I'll do my best to make certain that it is. Thank you! And congrats on being reviewer of the week.

05/30/2006 08:33 am
I like that you went through and reviewed some of what when on in that episode. Some of the episodes I haven’t seen for so long that I forget details.
I figured that if I was having to re-watch the episode to try to get a sense of context then others might be in the same position.

Thanks for your input. I'm glad it helped. Hopefully, when the next chapter moves away from canon, you'll enjoy it too.

05/30/2006 01:00 am
poor spikey!! what did she do to him?? reading on to find out
Well, it seems by now that you've already found out, or at least got a pretty good idea.

Thanks so much for taking the rime to comment. It's greatly appreciated.