Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Daughter

08/21/2006 02:58 am
That's a whole lot to digest. Hard for both of them. Wonderful chapter, fine read.

06/23/2006 10:52 pm
i am completely in love with this fic. It's just the type of spuffy i've always wanted to read.

06/23/2006 09:40 am
love Mya!

06/19/2006 07:12 am
I like his daughter. She's sassy. I liked this chapter a lot. You're doing such a great job dealing with the angst.

06/08/2006 12:30 am
Deftly done - very sad though.

06/06/2006 07:40 am
love the tale. love mya. have no clue where you are going, and i love that too. thanks for the fun read.

06/05/2006 06:17 pm
This story is way fun. I love Mya so far. I'm hoping Buffy can become part of the family.

06/05/2006 04:14 am
I feel so bad for her! I hope they are able to get this all straightened out, or find a way to send her back or reverse time or something, lol! yeah, right, I know...not happening!

Harry 4Eyes
06/04/2006 10:18 pm
Hmmm...wonder how they managed to adopt someone who from the description looks like a teenage female version of Spike.

I have to admit I originally thought you'd be planning on sending Buffy back to her time and things can be put right, but the future looks bright, and if Buffy goes back to her time, then Mya might not be adopted.

So i'm thinking Buffy stay in the future...but dude you killed off Dawn and Giles that sucks.

Well update soon

06/04/2006 09:52 pm
I am just loving this. "Your What-er?" Thanks!!

06/04/2006 07:52 pm
this story is so unbelievably moving...i love spike's daughter...their reactions are veyr true to the characters and very well done...can't wait for another update

06/04/2006 04:46 pm
Nice with Spike having a daughter, that is something special I would say. Are we gonna get more info on Spikes life with his wife and all that?

06/04/2006 04:38 pm
so is she, mya.. adopted or not? great update i really really REALLY cant wait to read more!!

06/04/2006 04:38 pm
Okay I love Spike's daughter! She is great!