Love Continued by slaymesoftly
Chapter: One

11/13/2007 05:30 am
“It would really not be in Giles’ best interest to be anywhere near my home for a while,” she said grimly.

So very true!! *grin*
*G* My Buffy is a bit tougher, eh?

02/20/2007 01:36 pm
Oh this looks great.
I hope you still think so when you've finished. LOL

07/17/2006 02:21 am
Haven't read the prequel's, reading as a stand alone. Never understood the need for such a barbaric test if she had survived for more than two years already. Very interesting storyline. Thanks for the read, can't wait to get caught up.
I hope you continue to like it - it's not meant to be a stand-alone, but part of a series, so I hope it makes sense to you.

06/30/2006 08:17 pm
Oh dear. . . I thought this ritual was bizarre anyway, and I completely concur with Joyce. Giles should have been held more responsible for allowing it
Yeah, they pretty much gave him a pass because he backed off at the last second, but...

06/19/2006 10:00 am
I love Spike’s concern for Buffy and him warning Joyce. I don’t really care for him not wanting Buffy to know that he is back, but I can understand it. And I am so happy that the series is back.
I'm glad you're glad.

06/19/2006 08:22 am
What a really good idea to prompt Spike's return. Course he would need to save her from the evil council... so fast becomming gray. Loved it.

06/18/2006 10:29 pm
good read. love to see joyce so angry. thanks for the read.
Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope you continue to like it.

06/18/2006 05:56 pm
Let Joyce kill Giles. Please please please.

06/18/2006 12:34 pm
Hooray! He's back and there's more! I'm loving the new start- definately be looking out for this fic :]]
He's back - for a while, anyway. Thanks for the review; I hope you continue to enjoy it!

06/18/2006 12:13 am
Aw. I knew he couldn't abandon her for long.
Nah - he's got no will power. lol

06/17/2006 10:10 pm
Yummy to see this up. I reread the others so it was extra good!
Thank you, I hope you continue to like it.

06/17/2006 10:04 pm
Ok, I can only pray that Giles is oblivious as to Buffy's deteriorating condition because she's yet to mention anything out of the ordinary that's been happening to her, and that it's a secret team from the Watcher's Council that's doing this to his Slayer. Especially since Giles knew what happened to Buffy last year. I think that would count as passing any rite of passage with the Council. (If not, I'm going to be really peeved at Giles. *grumble*) Glad to see Spike back, even if he's exhibiting that Angel-type attitude of "what's best for Buffy." Maybe Buffy will be able to tell him what for... (because we all know she's gonna find out *wink*) here's hoping anyway. *grin*
You'll see how oblivious he is....not! LOL
Yeah, I have to watch out when I'm writing early season Spuffy that Spike doesn't get as overbearing and protective as Angel. But, since it's Spike, you know his plans never work out anyway. LOL

06/17/2006 09:17 pm
Yay! Spike to the rescue!

06/17/2006 09:02 pm
More please, this is very interesting.
Thanks. More soon.

06/17/2006 06:53 pm
Glad to see more of this series. Great chapter.

06/17/2006 06:34 pm
grr..i hate giles! but spike is gonna win joyce over yet,isn't he? excellent start, can't wait for more
I'm sure he will - Joyce likes Spike and he knows just how to flatter her.

06/17/2006 04:37 pm
oh yeah lets beat on the COW I loves it
Someone has pointed out the the next month's theme at G__E is evil COW, so I may have add a few chappies to make it suit....

06/17/2006 04:19 pm
Great chapter.
thanks, maryperk