Still Bluer by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Chapters 1 - 5

04/06/2008 09:40 pm
Incredible story,really enjoyin' it and lovin' it
I'm glad.

02/21/2007 01:45 pm
I love this! He's beening everything she needs. Surprised that she didn't say anything about Harmony to him. Love his apartment. Glad she feels safe there. Going to finish this, thanks sweetie, it's fantastic!
Hope you continue to like it. Thanks for reading. AO

11/01/2006 02:53 am
Hey! Where's chapters 4 & 5?
Sorry - have no idea where they were, but they're up now. Thanks for letting me know.

08/30/2006 05:03 am
Five -- what a gentleman he is... ... great chapter, pet...can't wait to see what happens next
I love to bring out Spike's inner William - I just can't resist. lol

08/30/2006 04:42 am
Four -- lol...poor spike...somehow it always ends the same way for him...this chapter was very good, loving the ust...on to more now
ust can be more fun than sex sometimes (well, maybe not for Spike...)hee!

08/30/2006 02:31 am
THREE -- that was amazingly sensual and sexy, yet subtle...loved the imagery, very hot and tender at the same time..buffy will be getting to know spike better throughout this, i'm beginning to think another excellent chapter
Thanks - your reviews are so thoughtful and clearly show that you are reading carefully. They are such a joy to read.

08/29/2006 03:01 pm
TWO -- i'm glad he got away, too...riley scares me...hope nothing bad happens...buffy, i think, may be starting to come around to face up to her own feelings...great chapter, pet
Thanks - I hope you continue to enjoy it!

08/29/2006 02:59 pm
ONE -- something tells me she'll be changing her mind.. lol...poor spike though, she's always so cold to him...pushing him away, like he said, after she gets what she wants...*sigh*...well, i'll just have to read on and find out what happens
Oh, I think we can be pretty sure she'll change her mind...eventually.