Still Bluer by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Chapters 6 - Epilogue

01/20/2012 11:19 pm
lovely as always. love the angst!
Angst is the staff of life...

04/07/2008 10:52 pm
Now,that's better,but doesn't change the fact that this is still bloody beautiful. You're a great author with a great talent. Love it.
Thank you. *blushes*

04/07/2008 01:14 am
She also said "My love"...
Loved this so much,although I noticed that the part which Buffy bit Spike and Spike bit her back was not included to the fic. It jumped from:
"For her part, Buffy was left stupefied at Spike’s abrupt exit. She wasn’t sure if she was grateful that he wasn’t pushing the issue, or angry that he was able to walk away. She knew he was as aroused as she was, if not more so."


"He turned eyes that glimmered with barely controlled tears towards her and she flinched at the anguish on his face.
“Don’t I want you? How can you ask that? I want you so much my demon tried to claim you!” "

Did I miss the whole event,or is it actually not there? Please enlighten me here.
I have absolutely no idea where the middle of that chapter went!  I've added it back in and will have to take a hard look at the rest of it tomorrow to be sure nothing else is missing.  I'm sorry! These older fics were copied from the old Bloodshedverse onto this one and sometimes things went wrong on the way.
Thanks so much for telling me about it!

02/21/2007 03:06 pm
Loved it! So glad that she told him "someday". Much better then never! I'll pick another story tomorrow. You have so many! Thanks for sharing your beautiful stories with us Patti.
I'm glad you liked it. Yes, I do have a lot...too much time on my hands? LOL

08/30/2006 05:46 am
Epilogue -- i would so love to see a sequel to this...this whole fic was so sweet and tender and well-done, while being incredibly sexy at the same time..loved it... great job, pet
Thank you. I'm glad you would like a sequel, but I seem to be incapable of continuing a story once I finally get them together more or less happily. No imagination at all. lol

08/30/2006 05:42 am
Ten -- i like the giles/spike interaction...always gotta love ripper... great chapter as usual pet on to the end
Thanks - the end is in sight. lol

08/30/2006 05:39 am
Nine -- i think he should have stayed...if she returned his claim, then it wouldn't be like he owned her...they'd be equals, right? so why not fix it that way? because spike would never think that she would want that, i guess... *sigh*...another lovely chapter
Pretty big jump from mortal enemy to mutual claim...just didn't seem like the time for it yet.

08/30/2006 05:36 am
Eight -- wow...she's so lost to him already, she just doesn't know it yet...and he knows it even less than she does, poor convinced that he's unworthy and that she could never actually *want* to be his....on to more, pet, excellent chapter
well, it's not like either one of them was expecting to fall in love...

08/30/2006 05:31 am
Seven -- oh wow...this...could be bad... : ... i just hope that buffy's as understanding about the claim as she was about the rest of the stuff that went on that night...can't wait to read more
We'll see....

08/30/2006 05:15 am
Six -- oh no!!! there's so much heartbreak and anguish in this chapter, so well written...poor spike..poor misunderstanding after another...oh well, can't stop now...on to more
Hee, they are their own worst enemies, aren't they?

10/10/2005 03:10 pm
I'd love to read about that someday... Wonderful story!
Thank you for the review. I'm glad you liked it, but - "love to read about.." what?