Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 1.03

08/26/2007 01:53 am
Oh I am so glad that Spike and Dawn seem to be able to have these talks after Buffy talks to Dawn.
Dawn always did talk to Spike even before Spike went out with Buffy.

Thanks again.

08/30/2006 10:04 am
So glad that Spike and Dawn came to the mutual understandng. That he loves her for her, not because of some monks. Interesting comment that Giles made about the Orbs, wonder what's that's about. Another great chapter, thanks.
Dawn and Spike both have their issues but the basic underlying fact is that they love each other. Dawn's bound to be having problems right now but they'll all deal.

Thanks, honey. Glad you like.

07/30/2006 10:18 pm
good chappie - i love your writing style! i live the spike and dawn interaction and looking orward to the next chapter
Thank you, honey!

I think my style's changed quite a bit since I started this series, hopefully for the better, but it still seems like when I proof read the chapters before I post them here I still wind up playing with bits and pieces.

ME seemed to build the foundation for a lovely relationship between Spike and Dawn, but then smashed it down before it came close to reaching its potential. I wanted to try to make that right. Glad it works for you.

07/20/2006 05:26 am
i feel better now...that conversation was therapeutic...poor dawnie..something tells me brandon wont be too freaked by the whole key thing... great chapter
Thanks, honey.

They both know pretty much where the other is coming from, and they care about each other. They really don't want to hurt each other.

06/27/2006 02:36 am
very good read. loved the spike&dawn talk. thanks for the fine read.
Thanks, honey! Spike really does have a pretty good idea what Dawn has been through.

06/25/2006 10:58 pm
Lovely natural dialogue.
Thank you, honey! I'm glad you liked it.

06/25/2006 01:31 pm
I don't think you're alone in this problem. I've had a few duplicate commemnts lately. Don't worry about it.

06/25/2006 11:02 am
Thank you, honey!