Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 1.04

08/26/2007 03:25 am
OH I wonder who is arguing with Spike dare I say either Xander or Giles.
I like how the priest put everything to her.
Good guess.

Thanks, honey!

08/30/2006 10:31 am
Wanted to comment about your banner, Ally and Alexis are such a cute couple, seeing them together like that, just reminded me. Wesley's not stupid, he can smell a setup pretty quick. Give him something to think about. Well, that whole soul thing is now up for debate. It my be a matter of just being able to tell right from wrong and acting on it. Your right about that passage that Spike recited to the minister about needing to marry her since they were already "living in sin" they might as well be married. Excellent chapter. Thanks.
All banners courtesy of Selene2... (I would point you to her site, but last I heard she was still working on perfecting it before she released the address, though that was quite a while ago... but if you check out LJ you can find her under that ID.) Well, all the SWBD ones at any rate. She does some really beautiful artwork.

Let's just say that some members of the clergy might be rather more open minded than the council... And, yeah, I figured when I put that quote in that Spike knew the minister would get his real meaning (i.e. we're going at it like bunnies and that's not about to change) but that it would go right over Buffy's head.

Glad you enjoyed it, honey. Thank you!

07/30/2006 10:31 pm
Excellant story so far - I love the ministers rationale of why he was going to marry them, I love the facts you pointed out and his viewpoint of who has a soul and who is dammed. Great chapter!
Thanks, honey!

Have to say that a LOT of the credit for the minister and his viewpoint should by rights be apportioned to Lori a.k.a RevDorothyL, ordained minister, doctoral candidate and member of my mailing list.

She asked for more of the minister after his first appearance in True Colors and her guidance gave me the confidence to risk expanding his role, whereas before that I had been wary of potentially offending anyone, religion being a very sensitive subject for some people.

07/20/2006 05:44 am
uh oh...interesting way of looking at things that young minister's got...wonder who's bickering outside...
Thanks, honey!

A great deal of the credit for the minister has to go to RevDorothyL a.k.a. Lori.

I was made to go to church up until I left home for university, so I felt secure enough in the basics as per True Colors, but without an ordained minister on my mailing list who was willing to toss ideas back and forward, I'd have taken the route least likely to offend anyone and not shown him again until the service.

06/27/2006 02:48 am
good chapter, thanks. wes has been had--- rosa.
Hee! Thanks. Yep, Rosa is a force to be reckoned with... as is her grandmother, and her mother for that matter.

06/26/2006 12:49 pm
A pleasant surprise for me, here, since I haven't read the earlier parts of the saga - came into Ring of Fire, as you could probably tell. One grammatical niggle is that you should capatalize 'bible', since it's a title of a book, but that's just the English student in me being picky.

And it is the faith that matters, the willingness to put aside the pursuit of self in exchange for a higher purpose. You took a unique approach to dispelling Buffy's "all souls are good and soulless things are bad" dogma.

And Wes is getting roped in. LOL to Lily referring to Fred as a little girl pony.
May or may not have fixed that niggle for you.

As I noted at the top of the chapter I had a lot of help with the theological stuff from Lori a.k.a. RevDorothyL. It helps when you have members of the clergy on your mailing list.

And, yep, Wes is definitely getting roped in. Thank you!

06/26/2006 11:42 am
Typical pre-marriage stuff. Cute!
Thank you, honey!