Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 1.06

08/26/2007 01:33 pm
OH I do hope they find her in time, but one thing might be better hope fully GIles won't be affected since she doesn't know he is back.
Willow isn't just trying to make people forget... What she has in mind isn't something that can be localised.

Thanks again.

08/31/2006 09:00 am
Yes, I understand where the beginning of Xander's bigotry started but he's had a few years to see for himself that it's not all black and white and that Buffy loves him and Spike loves both his girls and cares about what happens to her friends. even Xander. Damn Willow, she will not learn will see? I hope that she doesn't succeed. The Inituitive is still around, the way it's now all that's finished. She has no idea how bad it might get if she messes with this.More people know about this then she's aware of. Very exciting chapter T, thanks.
Trying to catch up a bit, at least on the replies if not on updating my site. The muse is tuckered out for now, I think, and I'm pretty tired too, so if I stop making sense, please excuse me.

The problem with expecting Xander to figure anything out is that that would require rational thought processes which are noticeably absent.

Willow will pretty much continue to push her boundaries until the boundaries push back.

Thanks, honey. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

07/30/2006 10:52 pm
Shakes head a Willow - she doesn't realize it does she. I loved how you had Xander analyze his feelings - you weave a very complex and character driven stoy - which I of course adore! I can't wait to read what happens next as this story just gets constantly better and better!
Willow even in canon doesn't tend to think in terms of what she should or shouldn't do by S6. It's all about what she can do, and it never even crosses her mind, no matter how much Tara tries to get through to her, that that isn't how it should be.

As for Xander, it's easy just to write him off as a jerk (and a lot of the time I do) but there are real reasons for how he feels the way he does.

Thanks again, honey!

07/21/2006 07:15 am
wow...willow's getting dangerous here....uh-oh...that's an awful lot of tampering to do, isn't it? man...on to the next chapter
willow's getting dangerous here....
As opposed to in canon?

Yep, Willow is back on her power trip.

Thanks, honey!

06/29/2006 01:56 am
and who will win the award for most egocentric for the year? willow? xander? great read, thanks.

I think I would probably go with Willow, but then I know what's coming...

06/28/2006 12:50 pm
What a pair! Thicko Xander and Deludo Willow. They're making me very angry!!!!
Hee! Thank you! That's kind of what I intended, with maybe just a hint of understanding for where Xander is coming from.

06/28/2006 09:07 am
Stupid Willow!!!

Thank goodness Tara thought that something was off and decided to do something about it. I hope they stop Willow in time. She needs to go to the Coven, or somewhere, now, before the giant mess we know of happens all over again.

And Xander...sigh...not much to do with him if he won't try to get to know these people as individuals. Every sentient being has free will, and that means even demons can choose to be peaceful in society. It's the best way to survive for some...like Brachens, or like Clem.
Thanks, honey!

I hope they stop Willow in time. She needs to go to the Coven, or somewhere, now, before the giant mess we know of happens all over again.

Well, since it's me, she might find herself in a whole NEW giant mess.

As for Xander, honestly, by the very, very end of the series there is a slight glimmer of hope where he's concerned, but he's not about to change overnight.