Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Spike the Cryptic Guy

08/21/2006 05:14 am
First degree murder? wow! they're serious about vamps having rights. What do they do to Sire's of fledglings, they committed to created them by killing humans, how do they feed? So many questions? Great chapter, thanks for the read.

07/04/2006 04:54 am
Very interesting. I'd love to read more.

07/04/2006 01:15 am
Thanks for the explanation of why Spike blames himself for Buffy being gone for so long. I completely understand her confusion on their relationship, he has lived so much while she was gone for a few hours. Loved her last line. Thanks for the update.

07/03/2006 09:50 pm
very good read, thanks . love buff's exit line.

07/03/2006 07:18 am
wow..that just broke my heart for spike...poor baby...going through all that and blaming himself...i can just imagine how the scoobies must have acted...another great update, can't wait to read more

Spikes Slayer2
07/03/2006 03:26 am
hmmm... cant wait to see what he says..

07/02/2006 11:16 pm
Hee. Take clothes off

07/02/2006 08:14 pm
so we finally get to find out the whole vampire-not-so-evil-anymore- mystery. Update soon

07/02/2006 07:41 pm
I liked the ending remark, it was funny. I can't wait to hear the explaination of how the world got to be the way it is now. Update soon please!!

07/02/2006 07:01 pm
I like the back story idea.

07/02/2006 06:42 pm
ROFL - way to leave him confused and, dare I say? aroused. Would love to have seen his face as she walked out.

07/02/2006 06:39 pm
What can I say I love this fic. Please update soon.

07/02/2006 05:01 pm
Lovely chapter! I enjoyed it!

07/02/2006 04:40 pm
Very good chapter