Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 1.11

08/27/2007 03:50 am
Oh I love Buffy's end comment to Spike. I bet if Spike growls the dog will start.
Lol! Time will tell on that score...

Thanks again.

07/30/2006 11:48 pm
love that they gave the dog to dawn - can't believe how selfish and bigoted xander was - hen will he ever learn
Thanks, honey!

Well, it wouldn't be fair to take the poor puppy back to the pound or let it end up as vamp food.

Xander can think things through, work out what he has to do, but still screw up when it comes to actually doing it, because he just falls back into the same old familiar habits.

07/22/2006 02:37 pm
lol...the ending made me smile...overprotective spike... ...i like the puppy already, and the curse is just what willow deserved...great chapter
Thank you, honey!

I can't see Spike's attitide changing where it comes to his girls any time soon, and, yeah, the curse is exactly what Willow deserved.


07/03/2006 09:59 pm
Why train the dog, exactly! Spike's a good Papa Bear...

Poor little scared puppy...better ship Willow off post haste.
Thanks, honey!

Willow won't be around too much longer, and, yeah, Spike is on the protective side especially now.

07/03/2006 04:50 pm
I love this series! I'm looking forward to more!!!
Thank you, honey!

There'll be more tomorrow, and the day after that and the day after that...

07/03/2006 02:17 pm
Great chapter - though why anyone even bothers with this Xander anymore is a mystery!
Thank you! Sadly for Anya she loves the pain in the arse...