Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 1.12

06/15/2010 02:47 am
Bout time Dawn got some  say in things. Bit tired of seeing her getting bossed around with little to no consideration of her feelings in alot of cases. Minor or no, it's more her home than Spike's and he's been given more say in most things.

08/27/2007 03:40 pm
OH I wonder what Buffy is going to say or do to Willow. I am so glad Dawn did it because even with what was said earlier I don't think Buffy would have kicked her out.
You don't? Just think back to the end of S5 when Giles tried to suggest that if Glory began the ritual, then it might be better to end Dawn's life as quickly as possible.

Dawn is where Buffy draws the line in the sand and Willow might have fooled her once saying she'd give up magic. I don't think she'd have fooled her twice...

08/31/2006 03:35 pm
Wow! Willow is so out of control, hope she does try magic again and see the result. Right on Dawn!!! she's not about to take any crap from Willow, not any more. Wonder what Buff's going to say, and again poor puppy! Great dialogue. Great read, thanks.
Yeah, Dawn's pretty on the money with what she has to say, but she's also being pretty reckless coming out and saying it.

Thanks, honey. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

07/30/2006 11:55 pm
ohhhh go dawnie! way to go and very well done willow
Thanks, honey!

Dawn often sees things rather more clearly than Buffy does.

07/24/2006 08:34 am
loved dawnie's reaction to willow...she said just what she deserved to have to hear...and i love how spike and buffy let willow know that while they were inclined to show her a bit more patience, they were backing dawnie up..can't wait to see what buffy will have to say to her friend now
Thank you, honey!

I just wrote it the way that seemed right. Buffy has a responsibility to ensure Dawn feels safe in her own home. Though, IMO she should have realised that when Willow got Dawn chased by a demon and her arm broken. Friendship only stretches so far.

07/06/2006 12:17 am
great read, thanks. dawn was fantastiic. hopefully, buffy can reinforce what dawn, tara, giles and spike tried to tell red. not that she will hear.

Dawn has her better moments! Sometimes they even make up for her bratty ones.

07/05/2006 05:33 am
Wow! Dawn told Willow the truth!
Thank you!

Dawn has this habit of doing that.

07/04/2006 03:30 pm
Wow - Dawn kicked ass in that chapter! Willow's still full of herself then.
Thank you!

Dawn sometimes seems more Joyce's daughter than Buffy does, especially when it comes to knowing where to draw the line.

07/04/2006 11:09 am
Aaack, the first review I made didn't show up - the sites's moving incredibly slow. Trying again...

Good for Dawn. I always preferred her straight shooting to Buffy's placation of everyone. I would have told Willow the same things...thrown her out long ago if she wouldn't pay rent. The arrogance, delusion, and amoral attitude is just sick. Right now, I'm hoping she keeps trying to magic herself better and rids the world of her meddling.

And Buffy needs to give her final say, or Willow is just going to try to fix everyone else so Buffy will be her friend again, since she thinks Buffy can't think for herself.

Poor little puppy. Hopefully, it's young enough to forget the trauma later.

I hope Giles has learned some things, too. Like it or not, he put himself in the fatherly position when he started caring for the kids more than a "Watcher should". He needs to step up and own that responsibility now.
Thank you, honey!

I got slightly confused when I got the email notification for your first review but then I had no way to actually reply, so I'm glad you took the time to try again.

Yep, Dawn is definitely the straight-talker of the family. Buffy will have her say. How much Willow will actually listen to, since if she was going to take any of it to heart she'd have to actually admit she'd been in the wrong, is another matter...

Poor puppy, yep, but it has a new home now.

Giles is learning that he doesn't know the Scoobies as well as he might have thought... Or rather they have changed, but his perception of them has remained static.

And Xander, he just might surprise you...