Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 2.01

08/27/2007 03:56 pm
I am surprised that Buffy didn't go, and I am so happy for what Xander said to Willow.
Buffy had other priorities and if Xander couldn't really do anything else if he wanted his marriage to stand a chance...

Thanks again.

08/31/2006 04:03 pm
Harsh, but neccessary. Even the dog knows how dark she is. YAY for Xander, there maybe hope for him yet and Buffy still is offering freindship. I do hope that she does go to amy and starts using magic again and see what Amy says about it. Love this so much. I do hope that soon there will be Spuffy smoochies. It's been a while. Great read T. thanks.
Lol! A tiny tiny tiny bit of hope for Xander, but I guess that's one up on Willow at the moment.

Thanks, honey. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

07/31/2006 12:04 am
good chapter update I am glad xamder did something right for once
LOL. It does happen... very very occasinally.

07/24/2006 08:43 am
okay, she's seriously scaring me...and she's blaming spike...that's so not good...i hope she doesn't do anything to hurt him..but that's kind of hoping for too much, isn't it? *sigh*...great chapter...on to more
Thank you, honey!

Willow will blame whoever she can if it means she doesn't have to take responsibility. Look at her relationship with Tara. She refused to even consider that she was doing anything wrong. All their problems were because Tara was being unreasonable... She never seemed sorry for what she did, just sorry she got caught.

07/06/2006 01:09 am
very good read, thank you. there might be hope for xander, but willow is just morre convinced her way is the only way. thanks again.
Thanks again!

As Anya's wish demonstrated, at least in this 'verse Xander does really care about Anya. He's just so stupid that most of the time he doesn't realise how offensive he's being. Willow is a whole different deal...

07/05/2006 01:52 pm
Mmm. Maybe Xander is turning the corner into reasonable land. But Willow seems to be drifting into psychopath territory!
Thanks, honey!

There are occasionally signs that there might be hope for Xander. Willow, isn't as easily convinced.

07/05/2006 09:40 am
Good Xander! Give him a cookie!

Giles going with...I'm guessing he really doesn't trust Willow at the moment...maybe wants a few more words?

Willow and Amy - heh. That's certainly a match made in hell. If they weren't so dangerous, they'd deserve to be stuck together.

Very very occasionally Xander can do the right thing.