Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
Chapter: 27 - Carnival in Town

03/09/2010 11:14 pm
 No!! You can't just end it here! You haven't even gotten to 1997 yet. It was really really good. I really do love this story. 

11/27/2006 06:47 am
Very interesting story. So many different connections being made. I'm definitely intrigued to see where you take this. I hope you will update again soon.

07/12/2006 02:56 pm
I was hesitant about reading this at first, but WOW! This is an amazing read. The first person veiwpoint is refreshing, and I like that it's the POV of a souless demon. The plot is unique and the story is well written. I actually care about the characters. I can't wait for the next addition.

07/08/2006 02:54 am
awwwwwwwww baby ripper

07/07/2006 09:08 pm
enjoyed nine year old giles. very good update to a fascinating tale. thank you.

07/07/2006 07:33 pm
This story gets more and more intriguing as we get closer to our time. I hope meeting Giles helps them later on down the road. More story please.

07/07/2006 02:17 pm
that early glimpse of giles was great...and the hooded man is just creepy..guess he's supposed to be though, eh? another great update, can't wait for more