Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 2.04

08/28/2007 01:09 am
Oh the puppy should have been moved to Dawns room, but they seem to be working around it, and do these 2 never get a break now we have the first evil.
Well, it was bound to show up at some point. The schedule has just been moved up slightly...

09/01/2006 04:18 am
That was great! Thank you so much for thinking about the dog and her eating the food placed on the coffee table. As soon as Spike put it there, the dog had to filch it. Anyone who's had a dog knew what would happen. that's why Spike's got to die, the First. You've thought of everything, who else to discipline the dog and that way, it was just fabulous. Not going to read much tonight, Pre-season American football game is on and I won't miss it. Great chappie T. thanks.
Thanks, honey!

I'm sure there are times when I sort of forget the pets like the owners forgot Miss Kitty, but I try my best not to.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

07/31/2006 12:41 am
lovely chapter - I am enjoying this series very much
Thank you, honey! I'm glad you like it.

07/24/2006 09:13 am
hmmm...wonder how (if) willow's increasing darkness will tie in with the first? or maybe willow wont be such a threat at all, thanks to evie's curse? hmmm....love the chapter
Thanks, honey!

Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry, can't think of any other way to respond without giving you huge spoilers, but you'll find out in time.

07/08/2006 10:44 pm
love the tale. the dog fits right in to the group. happy to see that the more magic red uses, the more she ages. thanks for the fun read.

The dog is there to stay. The curse isn't quite as simple as more magic=more ageing, but Anya will explain that in the current chapter. Glad you're enjoying it.

07/08/2006 01:23 pm
Sex with the dog there...they really have become the epitome of domesticity. All they need now is a 3-year-old tapping on a foot or shoulder in the middle of the night because of a bad dream.

Really curious how you'll deal with the First...the same conditions as canon don't apply here.
Thanks, honey!

Yep, they're actually beginning to settle down, though I doubt there are any kiddies in their near future.

As for The First, it'll take them a while for that situation to reach a peak, but hopefully you'll enjoy the ride.