Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 2.06

08/28/2007 01:48 am
Oh I am so good that they worked it out.
Thanks, honey. It would have sort of spoiled the next 150 chapters or so if they hadn't...

09/01/2006 06:07 am
Good thing Giles is getting back some of the merchandise Willow procured on Buffy's behalf, Right! Looks like Buffy got her head out of her butt and figured out that Spike wouldn't do anything that wasn't spectacular for her. Enjoying this so much, thanks for the chapter.
Thanks, honey. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

07/31/2006 12:51 am
Wow that was in incredibale honeymoon planned - i am glad that spike and buffy are going to get to go - graet chappie
Thanks, honey!

And you have to bet that Buffy feels yay big for losing her temper with him... Hee!

07/25/2006 02:09 pm
awww..that was so very sweet...now *i* feel guilty for ever doubting him! lol...great update
LOL! Told you to keep reading!

Saw/remembered the room from the AtS episode where Groo and Angel have to go pick up the potion to prevent Cordy passing her visions to Groo and it seemed pretty perfect... unless you have issues about it being in a brothel.

Thanks, honey!

07/13/2006 03:39 am
very good update. she woke up, very good. thanks for the fine read.
Thanks, honey!

We all knew that there would be a very good reason for Spike to pick a brothel for the first night of the honeymoon. Good job Buffy wised up.

07/10/2006 01:24 pm
Oh, yeah! I'd forgotten about that place on AtS...it's been a long time since I saw the episode. That did look like fun, though. Sounds like a perfect night, except the for champagne, 'cause I don't drink.

All this happening in just 2 weeks since their first date? whoa...short engagement then, too...no wonder they don't have their honeymoon booked, yet. I was wondering about that, when there are only 2 months to the wedding. And Buffy expects her dress to be altered in time? 'Cause wedding dresses never fit the first time...they have the weirdest sizing.
I'd forgotten about that place on AtS...
And, by now, if hadn't used it I probably would have forgotten, too, but since I wrote the chapter back in August 2003, it was slightly fresher in my memory.

As for the champagne, I don't think Buffy would be drinking a lot of it either, given her alcohol tolerance.

And, yep, short engagement. At the time they set the date Buffy was being paranoid about Social Services so Spike was only allowed to stay over occasionally, with the end result that the date was basically calculated to allow Buffy just about long enough for her confirmation classes beforehand.

And Spike is doing his best to make sure that she puts weight on, so as far as the wedding dress fitting goes, it may be just as well that it's happeneing sooner rather than later, though she hasn't actually picked a dress at this point in the fic either (I don't think). That all got kind of interrupted when Dru kidnapped Spike.

My wedding dress definitely didn't fit first time, but I blame that on my sister since she made it... On the other hand, when I made bridesmaid dresses for someone else and every fitting I had to keep changing the bust on one of them I blamed it on the fact the bridesmaid wasn't little and kept showing up in a different bra every time.

07/10/2006 10:19 am
Aah - that's good. Surely she's learned to trust him by now!
Hee! This is Buffy we're talking about here... and even posting a chapter a day, it has been a lot longer real time than story time. In the 'verse it's still less than two weeks since their first proper date.

07/10/2006 08:33 am
OMG...that's so perfect! Buffy can be such a bitch! Of course, he planned a night like that...I just knew it. Once again, count on good ol' Anya, 'cause this would have been a disaster, otherwise.

No wonder he was so upset and hurt. Wow...can I have a Spike, please???
Thanks, honey!

The room wasn't actually my own idea. It's very briefly featured in AtS in the episode where Groo and Angel go to the brothel to see someone about getting the stuff to prevent Cordelia passing on her visions to Groo when they com-shuk(sp?). You just see a couple having a slo-mo pillow fight before their escort pulls the door closed. Seemed like the perfect place... unless you have a hang up about it being in a brothel, of course.

And of course you can have a Spike, if this one will do...