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Chapter: Spectre

09/10/2006 03:09 am
lol...quite the reaction i would have thought poor jenna...wonder what will happen next
Heehee! There was no other way I could've gone about it - Buffy HAD to react that way. LOL. Thanks for the review!

09/06/2006 01:57 pm
ohh i like this new character - how funny that buffy screams as a first reation - excellent chapter - i simply adored it!
Jenna? I'm so glad you like her! She's so fun to write. And Buffy's reaction, it just HAD to go down that way. Glad you liked the chapter!

07/21/2006 06:06 pm
Yey! I'm so glad I finally remembered to check for updates! I love this story, Can't wait to see what happens
Thanks for the review! More is coming soon, I've just been taking my time with writing this fic. I'm glad you're enjoying it, more will be up soon!

07/12/2006 08:01 am
wonderful read. fantastic chapter ending. thank you.
Thank you very much! More coming soon.

07/12/2006 03:57 am
Nice character. This is going to be very interesting. Can't wait to see how this is going to unfold. Buffy doesn't want to go back and neither do we. Who will take her place? Great chappie Amy. Thanks.
Thanks! I'm glad you like Jenna. More coming soon and I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

07/11/2006 12:44 pm
Oh, I would scream too... then promptly have a heart attack!
I probably would too!

07/11/2006 07:35 am
great chapter
Thank you!

07/11/2006 04:46 am
OUCH! I heard that scream all the way over here...

mind you I'd scream too if a ghost-girl woke me up...

mmm spike-snuggly

Great chapter!
I'm sure you did! I think I would probably scream as well. Glad you liked the chapter, thanks for the lovely review!

07/11/2006 04:45 am
I guess there's no really non startling way for a ghost to introduce herself.
No, there really isn't. LOL. Thanks for the review!

07/11/2006 04:43 am
Cool! Awww, Buffy's scared of the nice ghostie...and this will wake Spike, too. Gotta work quick, Jenna. Gotta get her to shut up so you can talk.
Yes, Buffy is scared of a ghostie. LOL. More coming soon, glad you liked Jenna!