Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 2.08

08/28/2007 02:32 am
Oh I am so glad with Buffy.
Thanks, honey!

09/02/2006 12:55 pm
Robin's there now, ineresting turn of events. He must not be the principle here. Good for Buffy, glad she got to tell them both off. Not going to much this morning, I will later after I've gotten a few hours in. A very satisfying chappie, thanks.
I worked on the theory that the school board would want to hire the principal early enough on so that he could be part of the recruitment team when it came to the teachers, and as they have the entire staff to replace, I figured it would take them most of the summer.

Thanks, honey. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

07/31/2006 01:19 am
I can't believe that Xander could be so pugheaded that he just put evryone isn danger by broadcasting that news to everyone! Of all the stupid and careless things to do. *growls softly at the computer* great story so far really engaging. ---

I just read your replies thank you so much for getting back to me and letting me know what you think. I really apreciate it so much! This really is a wonderful story and you are doing an absolute increible job! Thank you so much for sharing your talented writing with us! LOL I am now inspired to start writing with us - it gives me the urge to start back with my story that has been pending for awhile!
*growls softly at the computer*
Now we know where your pen-name comes from... and yep, Xander=stupid+careless.

Glad to know the replies are getting you thinking of writing again. Now, if only I could kick my own muse into gear. He's been temperamental lately.

07/26/2006 06:27 am
i love how buffy's finally standing up for them to her friends...wonder what's gonna happen with wood...great chapter
Thanks, honey.

Buffy eventually had to pick sides and it might have taken a little nudge in the right direction from Spike but this time she got it right.

07/13/2006 04:32 am
great chapter. love buffy's physical and verbal slapping xander. and red couldn't be bothered to tell her friend that spike wasn't chipped! love the read, thank you
Thanks! Xander so needed that. I suspect that contrary to Xander's sudden panic and 'end of the world' attitude, Willow simply forgot, with everything else that was happening. Glad you enjoyed it.

07/12/2006 10:27 am
Yikes - confrontations on all sides!! Xander is just awful!
Well, you won't get any argument from me on that point.


07/12/2006 09:36 am
WTF is Robin Wood doing in town already? Nice scene with Red, the Whelp and Spuffy in the yard.
Well, the vanilla answer would be that you would really expect the future headmaster of the new school to take part in selecting the teachers who'll be working there after the vacation, and with an entire school's worth to recruit... As for any other reasons I'll leave that to your imagination, at least until the story unfolds further.


07/12/2006 08:56 am
Whoo! Intense chapter!!

So Robin's showed up, eh? Figured that's who it was as soon as there was a mention of someone looking for them...he's not a bad guy, really, but the hate from his vendetta has really been at the forefront of his life for so long...understandable when a boy loses his mother at 4 or 5, but...life is about more than seeking revenge.

Xander and Willow...they really need to keep them away, for neither one can think before they speak about what's best for the whole group's safety. Muting them might even be a better idea.
Thanks, honey!

Can't say too much about Robin Wood without giving things away.

Now, if only I had thought of that and Tara was the type to throw around those sort of spells... Maybe I could have got Giles or Wes to do it, though...