Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 2.09

06/25/2010 09:04 pm
Gah, Xander and Willow are two disgusting, petty, self-centred half-wits. I'm a bit surprised at Willow though. Maybe she's not too far gone after all, she had a perfect opportunity right there to put Xander more firmly on her side. She just had to play along and tell him that he's perfectly right about Spike, and he'd swallow it line, hook and sinker. That insecure little twat would just love it that someone finally agrees with his twisted world-view.

Love Giles treating him like a overgrown spoilt brat that he is.

And the last line rocks. Not many couples have this kind of a problem.

08/28/2007 03:09 am
Oh so as soon as Giles pointed out his second Slayer he killed he knew her name. I like Buffy's last question.
As soon as Wes pointed it out, yeah... As for Buffy, you can't exactly blame her.

Thanks again.

09/02/2006 01:17 pm
It sure is coming back on him now. Anyone that he's killed over the hundred years of feeding, that's a lot of people. They'll be coming out of the woodworks looking for him. Maybe now Xander's going to get it, but I doubt it. Great dialogue for everyone, sometimes I forget to comment on that. Thanks for another fantastic chapter.
Lol! I'm having total brain failure trying to place the context here, so I'll stick with Thanks, honey... Told you I need some more sleep.

07/31/2006 01:50 am
LMAO - great line sweetie - I loved it - Is there anyone remotely connected to the Council whose family members you haven't killed?"

Love it! Great chappie!
Thanks, honey!

That Christopher Golden has a lot to answer for... Well, him and the fact that watchers are so inbred.

07/26/2006 06:34 am
okay, so now they know the connection...i have to say as mad as i am at willow, i appreciate her telling xander that spike's not a danger...maybe it'll help him come to his senses...great chapter
Xander? Come to his senses? Bwa ha haaa! Wouldn't he need some senses first?

Thanks, honey

07/14/2006 04:35 am
fun update to a great tale. xander could not be a bigger idiot. love what you have done with anya. thanks for the great read and the very funny last line.
Thanks, honey!

I figure if Anya had had one real friend (where things didn't get confused by sex issues) the scenario where she broke up with Xander could have gone so much better for her.

Glad you haven't got bored yet.

07/13/2006 10:30 pm
more please!!!!!
There's plenty more to come. I'll be continuing to post here most days, but if that isn't quick enough for you, you can pick up the remainder of this book at He's No Angel if I remembered the URL correctly along with the final and concluding book in the series, Angels and Demons, and there are even a few post series ficlets.

07/13/2006 02:38 pm
I can never have too much Xander bashing - maybe he's infected with a bigot bug but then it wouldn't just be Spike copping the flak! What a monster.
Thanks, honey!

There was just no way I could see Xander acting in a rational manner when he got that bit of news.

07/13/2006 11:31 am
Oh, the girls were always in at least 3-inch heels. The cast has talked about it a lot. You can also see them on Buffy's feet all the time when they pan out.

Xander's a moron, making poor Giles run all that way. Good for you, Anya.

Love how Spike keeps the household running in subtle ways - cleaning up here and there, patching boo-boos, feeding the dog...the trash probably wouldn't even be out on time if he wasn't around.

Now they have the Nikki connection...I'm so laughing at Buffy's last comment. It's so true!!
Thanks, honey!

That would probably explain why they look near enough the same height, then.

Xander is definitely a moron. Anya definitely isn't, and with the ring firmly on her finger now, she isn't about to let him get away with all his crap.

Spike is at his best when he has someone/people to look after.

I figured, even though neither Spike nor Giles got the connection straight away in canon, with Wes there to prompt and Wood acting in a way to draw attention, they might get there a bit quicker.

Glad you're enjoying it still.