Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 2.10

08/28/2007 04:15 am
Guess the fight is sorted out for now, and doggie gets the basement, so Spike can eat.
Yep. Thanks again.

09/02/2006 01:50 pm
Love that last line. Oh, "The Quite Man" and "McClintock"(don't know if it's the right spelling) are my favorite JW pics. Yup! Brandon does need to know what he's gotten himself into. It's only fair. I'm glad that Spike had that conversation with Giles and Giles knows where Spike's coming from and what Buffy needs from him in the future. Excellent chapter, thanks for the fantasic read.
Thanks, honey! Giles is in for a lot more bossing around before the end of the book.

Thanks, honey. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

07/31/2006 02:21 am
OHhhh I hope that everything works out with the social worker - but when has Spike ever met a woman he can't charm when he puts his mind to it; one look at his hot bod and she will love buffy's fiance. Wonderful Wonderful chapter!
LOL! when has Spike ever met a woman he can't charm when he puts his mind to it? Ehm, the last social worker... Darla... But, you're right, most women would be falling over themselves.

07/27/2006 01:50 am
awww...i'm glad everything's okay with them again, that had me emotionally on edge...lol...great update, love all their plans and all and the "conversation that wasn't" with giles...great stuff. more now
Thanks, honey!

Hee! Had to do the go back and read the chapter thing to work out what you meant by the conversation that wasn't... so much for my medium term memory! Anyway, glad you enjoyed it, sweetie.


07/15/2006 12:39 am
very good update, very god read, thanks. loved the ending line. thanks again.

I'd call you a big softie for liking the last line but goodness knows what that would make me for writing it. Glad you're still keeping ploughing on through the epic.

07/14/2006 10:17 pm
This is going far too smoothly!
What? You think I can't let them have a chapter or two of peace and quiet now and again... Me stir things up?

Thanks, honey!

07/14/2006 10:38 am
And really, the heads of the household should have the master bedroom. That's what happens when you own a house. They should really think about replacing the glass with necro-tinted windows.

Good of Spike to bring that up with Giles. The Watcher needs to consider that. He really needed to pick one role and stick with it, since he was kinda crappy at combining father/Watcher.

I don't blame Spike's attitude towards Robin, either. If the man is sounding that insulting when talking about them, then it's reasonable to think of him first as a maximum threat, then downgrade when/if necessary. A human doesn't have to be strong to hurt a Slayer, just smart. She's perfectly susceptible to a gunshot to the heart.
Thanks, honey!

Willow keeping Joyce's room after Tara moved out was one of the many, many things that bugged me about S6, but then I guess it just fitted in with Willow's completely arrogant and self-absorbed attitude that season.

I'm not sure how widely available or how expensive necro-tinted glass was meant to be. Certainly, even after Angel discovered it existed in AtS S1 he didn't rush out and get the AI offices done, so I'm thinking either wayyy expensive or only available if you have the right contacts (possibly very dubious ones since the only place (that I remember) to have it in canon is W & H). Even the wealthy vamp that Angel ended up pushing out of W&H's windows had gone for the heavy drapes option.

You know Spike... If it's to Buffy's benefit or if it comes to keeping her safe, even if it means doing things she personally might balk at, he'll be there.