Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 2.13

06/25/2010 10:18 pm
Mwahaha, Exposition!Spike is fantabulous. Poor Brandon and his imploding brain.

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08/28/2007 12:10 pm
OH that was an interesting talk, and putting Wes on the spot.
Lol! Not half as much as it puts Brandon on the spot, but Dawn seemed to think he'd cope with it...

Thanks again.

09/02/2006 02:42 pm
Spike really has a way with words. Guess that just about sums it up. Got a much better feeling about Andrew now. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful words.
Lol! Well, he has when it comes to taking Angel down a peg or two...

Thanks, honey. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

08/08/2006 02:00 am
I liked this chapter and the telling of Dawn's boyfriend of what is up. Rather nervous to see his reaction to it - poor Dawny she must be tied in knots. Really good chappie, lovely emotion. I am enjoying this fic and this chapter - greatly!
Thanks, honey!

It's just hard to imagine Spike doing anything half-heartedly. You just know he'd put on a show.

07/27/2006 04:41 am
i love spike's big presentation...so cool, and very well done...wonder how brandon's gonna take it
You know Spike once he gets on a roll... And I guess you know already about Brandon's minor freak out.

Thanks again!

07/17/2006 09:28 pm
love the update. fantastic spike monologue. thanks for the fine read.
Thanks, honey!

Glad you liked it.

07/17/2006 11:43 am
No problem with the site tonight. Sorry it's acting up for you. "Ring of Fire" has popped up again, and some of those updates you mentioned are stuck on it.
Thanks, honey! Deleted them off now. No idea if that was down to those fatal errors I kept getting making things go wonky, or if the manage stories page was loading so slowly that I was missing Broken Things, Unfinished Business and Fumbling Towards Ecstasy without realising, so when I scrolled to the bottom to add a new chapter I was getting Ring of Fire instead, but I would have thought I'd have noticed the title and the fact there were wayyy more chapters. Confused... Hopefully you enjoyed the chapter anyway.

07/17/2006 09:34 am
Well, that's one way to tell him...

Spike, ever the drama queen.

I'm sure the boy has lots of questions...
Gah! I hope you haven't been having as many problems with the site as I have this morning. It took about six attempts to get the chapter to upload and now I'm getting more errors when I try to reply...

Spike and Angel both try to insist they have nothing in common, but as you say, drama queen. The boy does like to make an impression... and if that means Brandon might think even harder before he'd do wrong by Dawn, then I guess that's an added bonus, as far as Spike's concerned.

I'm pretty sure Brandon will have a thing or two that he wants to ask, but it's quite a while since I read this bit and I'll remember better when I've proofed the next chapter.

And this time I'm going to remember to copy all this before I hit the submit button...