Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 2.14

10/18/2011 04:18 pm
I love it when writers pick up on throw away lines and make something out of them...  Crazy Larry, indeed!  That's just... funny.  Just like best moments of the show; throw in some much needed levity to break the tension.

Well Done!


06/25/2010 10:31 pm
I LOVE Crazy Larry!

And what the heck is wrong with Spike? Cause there's no way I'm buying the "stitch" line. Something to do with the bond or is something messing with him? Like the new Big Bad Giles warned them about?

08/28/2007 12:28 pm
OH please tell me nothing is to wrong with Spike.
We-ell, I could, but I'd be lying...

Sorry, honey!

09/02/2006 03:01 pm
Spike's to full to be active? That doesn't sound right. Buffy had dinner too and she's just fine. Well, I guess Brandon's going to have a up close and personal encounter with his first vamps. Loving this so much T, thanks.
Hee! Not right at all, but you know men...

Glad you enjoyed it, honey. Thanks you!

08/08/2006 02:09 am
Oh oh - I forgot about the stich he got. I now am full on worried about the "stich" and hope Brandon wakes up and pays attention to the important things - like Dawn. Very good chapter!
Hee! Evil grin.

Brandon will work it out... with a little help.

Thanks, honey!

07/27/2006 04:56 am
okay i have a bad feeling about spike's "stitch"...what's up with that? and this fight could turn out to be pretty bad...hope they're able to straighten things out with brandon, too...great chapter! on to more
You catch on quick. Spike's stitch is indeed the first sign of some very bad business, but you'll find out what's going on there in time.

Brandon is the easier problem.

Thanks again, honey!

07/19/2006 12:29 pm
Spike has indigestion!! Ha!
Thanks, honey!

Yep, Spike has indigestion but it might turn out not to be so funny.

07/19/2006 03:45 am
excellent read, as usual. thank you. brandon maybe about to witness what sunnydale is all about. what's with spike?
Thanks! Yep, Spike is right on the money about it being just what Brandon needs to get some perspective.

07/18/2006 11:33 am
Now that I don't have someone looking over my shoulder, I can finish my review (nosy boyfriends - bleh).

Loved the dig at Wes. OMG hysterical!!!! And Anya just keeps going and going with it, not realizing that she's spoiling the whole intent...

I hope Brandon will be able to peer around a corner and watch Buffy in action. Though, considering that he's mad about being brought into crazy crap in the first place, it might not matter that he believes what they said, because some people just can't handle being around that life, anyway.
Hee! I can identify with that. I always find I get absolutely nothing written once hubby gets home from work.

I love Anya, she can be so wise one minute and then the next minute she does something that reminds you just how alien this whole human existence still is to her.

Brandon? Shall let you find out next chapter as I can't think of any other way to reply that doesn't involve spoilers.

Thanks again, sweetie! And shouldn't you be asleep?

07/18/2006 10:14 am
Am I seriously blonde for not knowing WTF Brandon's father is or who he is working for? Loved the Crazy Larry dialogue but I'm worried about Spike. More story please.
Nope, not really... It was mentioned in Ring of Fire, but that's probably about a month ago, and if you're reading a lot of WIPs...

Andrew Michaels used to be in the army, but he's just a teacher now, working at whatever school Dawn was sent to while Sunnydale High is out of commission.

However, he does have friends, including Brandon's godfather, who are still in the military, and it was Brandon's godfather who asked Andrew to take a job in the Sunnydale area and keep an eye open for anything out of the ordinary, having heard hints that someone was following on from The Initiative's work, despite the fact it was meant to have been closed down.

07/18/2006 08:59 am
Good stuff...can't blame the boy for being shell-shocked. Quite a far-out story, under normal circumstances.

Spike getting a stitch, eh? Unusual...
Yep, the Scoobies all came face to face with vamps etc. in ways where they had to accept it. Brandon's sort of found himself, from his point of view, in the middle of a bunch of lunatics.

Spike getting a stitch, eh? Unusual...
Isn't it? Evil grin!

Thanks, honey!