Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 2.15

08/28/2007 12:46 pm
Oh that was well put to Brandon so now he needs to talk to his lady love.
Lol! i'm sure he'd have realised eventually. Spike just gave him a less than subtle push...

Thanks, honey!

09/02/2006 03:18 pm
Who's the first on his phone? Oh, Buffy I guess, forgot that she had one. Oh, goody I get to see Rosa, I just love her. Great chappie, thanks for the wonderful read.
Well, it's not really Buffy's phone since she didn't have one when he got his, but it is Revello Drive.

Lol! Rosa is a real scene-stealer...

Glad you enjoyed it, honey. Thanks you!

08/08/2006 03:20 am
LOL at least he has the sense to know he needs to fix this and pronto! *shakes head and men* geesh! He needs to grovel and grovel well
Yep, men! But at least Spike was there to remind him he needed to make things right, so they're not all bad.

Thanks, honey!

07/27/2006 05:03 am
nice one, spike...i like the way he managed to get brandon to focus on dawn's feelings rather than his own and understand how he must have hurt her....i'm feeling relief over how the fight turned out...but still got a sense of impending doom...something bad's gonna happen, isn't it?
Let's just say that Spike's stomach problems are not of the good.

Spike's pretty good at looking after the people he loves, even if it's a case of making their boyfriends see sense.

Thanks again!

07/20/2006 02:18 am
very good read. thank you. loved spike bring brandon back to the important thing, "Bit's had a hell of a rough week. I reckon by now, she's probably past the breakin' her heart stage and 'round about wondering if his liver really would go with a nice Chianti." loved it, thanks again
Yep, Spike will do whatever it takes to take care of his women...

Thank you!

07/19/2006 02:28 pm
Excellent action sequence - and nice little putdown for Brandon.
Thank you, honey!

And I think maybe Spike can see enough of himself in Brandon to know when to remind him of his priorities.

07/19/2006 09:00 am
It seems like Brandon will have a change of heart now. Spike's rant about Summers women and their revenge tactics may turn things around.
Hee, yep, thanks, honey!

Dawn really did pick herself a sort of younger human Spike... Fly off the handle, over-react, but as soon as he realises he's mucked up with his girl, it's off to apologise.

07/19/2006 08:31 am
Love how you write the fight scenes. You have Spike's movements exactly right.

Good to see Brandon calming and turning around, in the face of proof. Plus, he tried to be brave and save the girl, which he basically did, since it got her released from the vampire's hold. Dawn's going to have words for him, I'm sure.

And sleep? I only really have peace in the house in the middle of the night, so if I do sleep, it's during the day. You could say that I run on vamp hours.
Thank you, honey! That means a lot. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I hate writing fights (second only to writing sex scenes), but normally the reaction they get turns out to be worth the effort.

Yep, Brandon is one of the good guys. He may resent the situation he's been put into, but he's not the sort to stand to one side if he thinks someone is in danger and he can help.

Ahhh! I have phases like that, though, touch wood, I seem to be managing something more like normal lately apart from waking up kinda early and needing an afternoon snooze. It's not so bad when I end up sleeping while hubby's at work and being awake all night, but it gets to be a real pain when I'm awake all the time he's at work and half the night, but I'm asleep the entire time he's at home and awake.