Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 3.01

06/25/2010 11:20 pm
I think I really really like Bee. Though I think that if you left her in one room with Spike for long enough, it might explode from the overload of attitude. And I can't wait to see her reaction to Xander.

Oh boy, this is going to be a party to remember.  

06/15/2010 11:59 pm
Spike's getting on my nerves with Dawn, he needs to remember Buffy is her caregiver legally and what she says goes, not what he says. If Buffy said she could wear the dress...heck she bought it for her, Spike needed to sit that argument out, not press the issue with his Victorian male-ness.

08/28/2007 06:13 pm
Oh I can't wait for the party.
Thanks, honey!

09/03/2006 02:46 am
OK, now I know that you said that Bee was dating this Patrick person, but I was thing that like Willow, have found the love of their lives with the same sex, despite their previous hetero relationships. So maybe this is the person that Spike was referring to? One can only hope. I just want Tara to have someone to love her the way she deserves. She's such a beautiful soul. Can't wait to see everyone's reaction to Bee's brownies!!! I didn't know that they were made anymore! Boy I'm I getting old! Nothing gets past Spike! He could see right through Wes. Just love it! Thanks.
Tara definitely deserves to have someone special but I guess you'll have to wait and see how that turns out, and time wise, it's too soon really after her break up with Willow for her to really be interested.

Well, I'm guessing people still make brownies. I'm not that young myself but I can't imagine them going away.

Yep, and poor Wes will be teased unmercilessly by Spike until things between him and Marie are resolved.

Glad you enjoyed it, honey. Thanks!

08/08/2006 03:38 am
This chapter was very funny. I loved the special brownies and the cat named Rupart. Still wondering when Xander will ever grow up. I hope he does before the story ends. It would be nice to see... either that or he needs to be beat up lol - his racism makes me want to strangle him. great chapter~
Thanks, honey!

Let's just say that by the end there is definite Xander progress...

07/27/2006 05:25 am
i love seeing everybody's preparations for the party...so good...i got that nervous excited feeling like i'm actually *going* to the party...and is it just me or might tara actually find someone at this party? great chapter
Thanks, honey!

As for Tara, I think she needs some time to heal before she's going to be ready for another relationship - one of the big drawbacks of the huge amount of chapters covering what's actually a relatively short time in the 'verse is that it can seem like things have taken longer than they have.

07/24/2006 05:18 am
very fine update.don't know if i pity wes or envy him. if there are an dull moments at this party, i am sure bee will liven things up. thanks for the fun read.
LOL! I don't think Wes is too sure on that himself... and, hopefully, the party will be anything but dull.

Thanks again!

07/22/2006 08:52 pm
Woohoo! I'm looking forward to this party!
Thanks, honey!

Here's hoping it lives up to expectations...

07/22/2006 10:28 am
Sounds like fun!

Xander's still being an idiot...sometimes he's just too literal.

Love the teasing, of course. And Bee is quite an interesting friend!
Thank you, honey!

Xander's still being an idiot
Unfortunately, even though Anya might eventually train him out of his more bigoted tendencies, there's nothing she can do about his IQ, so I'm afraid it can't be helped. He'll always be an idiot.

Poor Wes, being sacrificied up like the slaughtered lamb.

As for Bee, she'll be around for the rest of the story. It actually feels quite strange from my perspective to realse that we were so far through the fourth book before she made her first appearance. Hope you like her as you get to see more of her.