Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 3.02

06/25/2010 11:32 pm
Wow, Buffy, way to think cheerfull, party-like thoughts.

And I was waiting for the Rupie-bear moment ever since I've learned how the cat was called. Heee.  

Also, I'm hoping Lily gets to set Xander right. He seems to have left his brain in his other pants again... 

08/28/2007 08:14 pm
Oh that was too good with Giles and the cat. I wish Xander would just grow up.
Lol! Bee was named in honour of a real person, with a real Rupert, so... And Xander might eventually improve, but it won't happen overnight.

Thanks again.

09/03/2006 03:14 am
Once everyone settled in, it looks like a very nice party. Well all except Xander, but I really didn't expect anything different. Just love it every time Rosa says Unker Will. Great chapter, thanks.
Lol! As you say, from Xander you can't really expect anything else.

And, well, Rosa... definitely has a tendency to steal the show.

Glad you enjoyed it, honey. Thanks!

08/08/2006 03:42 am
LMAO i loved the meeting between the Rupart's and can see an *interesting* fate awaiting Xander. Shakes head!
Hee! So typical of Spike to know exactly what was coming on the Rupert front and to just stand back and watch.

Xander could be in for a 'fun' night...

Thanks again, honey!

07/27/2006 05:49 am
lol..the bit with "rupie-bear" was hilarious...very excellent chapter...love the party so far...very good stuff...can't wait to see how the evening progresses
Thank you, honey!

I'm afraid the watchers are probably going to get the worst of things here, but I guess you'll find that out as the evening goes on.

07/24/2006 05:43 am
fun read, thank you. seems any normal family gathering except noone would invite xander.
Thanks again!

And sure they'd invite Xander, he'd just be the embarrassing relative that everyone avoids.

07/24/2006 01:21 am
Sweet chapter, but isn't Xander awful!
Thanks, honey!

And, yes, to anyone outside the brain of Xander he's completely inexcusable.

07/23/2006 06:33 am
Yep, Giles definitely needs a woman. I've often been fond of Giles/Anya fics. That was hysterical with the cat. I was just waiting for the name mistake to be made!

Xander's an ass. Just grow up and eat, already!

And I'd love to know what Tara and Lily are talking about. I'm guessing it's Willow related, but it'd be nice to be in the know.
Thanks, honey!

Yep, Giles needs a woman, definitely. He gets far too stuffy when there isn't a woman around to help him keep his feet on the ground. I, too, have a definite soft-spot for the Giles/Anya having written a series of G/A ficlets. (http://www.he-s-no-angel.net/9GA/GA0T.htm if my memory works and I haven't made any typos.) In fact, chances are if I had known SWBD was going to have sequels I would probably never have had Anya and Xander make up. I was even very tempted when I was writing the final battle to rectify that and leave the way open for Giles to console Anya in her moment of grief but my beta talked me out of it.

Xander? He'll learn the hard way, as always...

Can't remember until I proof the next chapter whether we find out what T & L are saying, but it's safe to assume that Lily picked up on Tara's grieving for Willow and is doing her best to help.