Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Angel, Imprisoned

08/21/2006 07:08 am
What can you do or say with something like that. I just hope that Spike won't be to scared to help her. Great chapter, thanks.

08/11/2006 02:33 pm
More changes for Buffy. She really is holding up well considering everything that has been thrown at her, but then she really hasn’t had time to absorb it all and she is naturally good at denial. Her meeting with Angel was really sad for all of them.

07/31/2006 02:00 pm
I sure hope they figure out a way to help Buffy get off the charges. I couldn't bear for her to be locked up - I guess we will see

07/24/2006 02:36 pm
Wow, I wasn't expecting Spike to be so nice when it came to Angel and Buffy. I wish it had been Spike to Shanshu, but lets see where you take this! Hope to see more from you soon!!

07/24/2006 07:56 am
angel as an old man gives me the wiggins.. thats just too bizare..

07/24/2006 07:19 am
interesting chapter. like the read, thank you

07/24/2006 05:53 am
Whew! This is definitely a weird AU. What will Buffy do there? Her calling seems to be illegal. More story please.

07/24/2006 02:13 am
that was so real and raw and painful...but beautiful..just as i would have imagined their reunion, all things she needs to go reassure her vamp, angel being "richard gere-like" -- also just how i would have imagined him at 50

07/24/2006 01:31 am
Old human Angel - that was wierd!

07/24/2006 01:21 am
Loved the chapter.!!!!! More please.

07/23/2006 10:55 pm

Nice to see Angel in good spirits, though. He's realistic, but he seems to be making the best of it.

07/23/2006 09:02 pm
So nice to see a good tone between Angel and Spike,without any grudge. Really liked this chapter,and can`t wait to see what happens next.