Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 3.03

06/25/2010 11:53 pm
See, I would have done something nasty and violent to Xander. You got him stoned and made him ask Clem the demon to take care (ekhm) of his wife. It takes a really twisted mind to make hash-brownies more evil than evisceration fantasies. *bows with respect*

And I get the feeling that this big nasty we've been waiting for just arrived...

08/28/2007 08:33 pm
OH no where is Spike, they just have so much bad luck I am glad I am not them.
Lol! They really do... Though in this case it isn't really luck.

Thanks again.

09/03/2006 03:50 am
Boy, that was fun. Watching Xander ask Clem to take care of Anya if something happens to him. When he realizes what he's done, can't wait to see it. I'm more worried about the cocoa in the brownies, then I am about the pot. Chocolate is poison to dogs. Lucky the pup's a big one. PMS huh? Guess Spike's in for a bit of a treat, isn't he? Makes up for the bitchiness he's got to deal with. Wonder where Spike is anyway. Great chappie T, thanks again.
Chocolate thing. I definitely recall a number of people commenting on that when I first posted, but I've seen plenty of dogs eat chocolate biscuits and hubby assured me at the time that both their dogs would eat anything with no apparent ill effects, so much so that his parents used to have to stick chairs under the handles of the food cupboards whenever they went out.

As for Spike's whereabouts I think you find out next chapter.

Glad you enjoyed it, honey. Thanks!

08/08/2006 06:30 pm
I love Xander stoned on brownies - that was absolutly brilliant. great chapter - anxiously awaiting spike related news. Really good chapter
Thank you, honey!

It's definitely one of Xander's most amiable mments. Glad you liked it. The Spike situation will take some time to resolve, but should be sorted by the end of Section 4.

07/27/2006 05:55 am
oh no...where's spike? I hope he's okay...i'm getting the scary feeling from the bus depot again...sympathy pains in her stomach sounds familiar...xander gettign stoned was pretty hilarious though...on to read more
Thanks, honey!

I guess you know where Spike was, and yeah, several people have suggested that it may be an idea to keep Xander stoned at all times. Hugs.

07/25/2006 01:14 am
Eeek! Cliffie with a hurt Spike. Good to see Xander remains clueless about most everything. More story please.
Cliffie sort of resolved now. As for Xander, unless I some day write a fic where Maggie Walsh captures him and swaps his brain for that of an intelligent deomon, he'll probably stay clueless, though in Xander's case even a Fyarl brain might class as an upgrade. The next chapter is up now.

Thanks, honey!

07/24/2006 08:28 pm
great read, thank you. maybe anya should keep xander stoned? he does do less harm that way.
Hee! If only! It certainly seems to make him less obnoxious, but Anya would probably get upset if he sawed his fingers off or something...

Thank you!

07/24/2006 10:02 am
Spike's in pain somewhere?? Where did he go?

Xander's hilarious stoned...ya know, maybe one little joint a day would help him a lot. I don't normally advocate that kind of thing, but the dude needs some kind of meds.

And thank goodness for Lily - Giles so needed to hear that!

And yeah, I do like Bee so far. She's fun.

What's wrong with Spike????
Thank you, honey!

As for Spike, you'll find out where he is, what's happening and his own personal theory on what's causing it tomorrow.

Giles definitely needed a grown up to talk to.

As for Xander, you're right. It could be just what he needs, but by the time Anya has him drinking salted water and throwing his guts up, I don't think he'll be up for a repeat performance.

Glad you're liking Bee. As you've probably guessed she's about to become the junior partner in Wes's PI business, so she'll be around quite a bit.