Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 3.04

08/28/2007 08:52 pm
OH that is not good for Spike, I hope they can fing out what is going on soon.
No, not good news at all...

Thanks again.

09/03/2006 04:19 am
Buffy's right, Woods is a possibility, probably more so than Willow. I can't see Willow using voodoo but Robin, oh yes! So that's what was wrong with him last night. They definately need a mini meeting, I'd ask Lily and Marie as well. I can so hear James singing that song. Wouldn't doubt that he did sing it in his early days along with Dylan and Cat Steven's. Very excited to see what with this newest threat. Hate that it's him that targeted once again. Wonderful read, thanks.
Lol! I can see Willow using anything and everything, provided ahe was at that point where she was arrogant enough to assume that she could summon the loa and still be in charge.

Funnily CSN&Y never really made an impact in the UK, but I figure even pre-BtVS Spike probably spent enough time in the US that he would know it.

Glad you enjoyed it, honey. Thanks!

08/08/2006 06:35 pm
very nice chapter = I really enjoyed this story and can't wait to see where you take this attack on spike, great story!
Thank you, honey!

I'm glad you're enjoying the tale. Best way to find out where things go with Spike is to keep reading.

07/27/2006 06:02 am
hmmm...what's up with wes?? just awkwardness from the matchmaking deal? and i'm really scared for spike...i wonder if it is willow doing it or someone else...great chapter, on to more
Poor Wes has every right to feel like all the world is conspiring against him. Most of them are. Spike's pretty sure that it's Willow. Buffy has her money on Wood, and there's always a chance that they might both be wrong... Glad you're still enjoying it.

Thanks again!

07/25/2006 09:06 pm
excellent chapter. poor wes, or maybe not.
Thanks, honey!

I'll let you decide whether it's poor Wes or not when you see how things work out.

07/25/2006 08:11 pm
Awwwww, Wes is sunk...he has no chance against the matchmaking, LOL.

Spike...typical man when he's sick...

At least the kids have been having a real good time.
Wes is sunk... So is Marie... but they may take a while to work it out.

Hee, well, when it comes to testosterone Spike has plenty, so no surprise that he acts like a typical man, only more so.

And, yeah, the kids got to have a good night out. Goodness only knows Dawn deserved it.

Thank you!

07/25/2006 11:29 am
Nice party - but don't like what's happening to Spike! Bad mojo!
Thanks, honey!

Vampires getting ill is never good news (well, as long as you like the vampire in question)...