Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 3.05

08/28/2007 09:22 pm
So Rosa knows he likes her mother.
Lily isn't the only empath in the family, and Rosa is particularly attuned to those closest to her.


09/03/2006 06:02 am
Glad that Giles is finally having a good time, even if he misses Olivia. Clem's got a date for the wedding? And Rosa's managed to wrap another man around her finger. Isn't she a little stinker? No Bee for Tara, definately not!!! You little devil you, you had us pushed in one direction, then you bring up yet another old enemy from Spike's long past and drop it in our laps. Yup with Marie's connection to Miami, there is a huge Haitian community there, where they still practice Voodooism. Great place to start. I'm really glad that I'm behind in the series so that I can go from one chapter to the next. Soon I'll be reading A&D and I'll have to wait like everyone else for new updates, till then I'm enjoying myself immensely. Thanks.
Clem has got a date for the wedding, yep! Hey, well, he may be wrinkly but he's a nice guy and in my 'verses nice guys don't finish last.

Rosa, hey, what can I say... other than god help Marie when she's a teenager.

And, hey, it wouldn't be half as much fun without a few red herrings for you to try to work out.

As for A & D, I'm basically posting them in batches. I was intending to do it so that over all it worked out at roughly equivalent to a chapter a day, but since most of my reviewers seem to be getting through a batch in the first 24 hours I might do them a little more often, writing commitments allowing, but failing that you can always read the rest at He's No Angel when you get up to date with what's posted here.

Glad you enjoyed it, honey. Thanks!

08/08/2006 06:41 pm
great chapter - i loved the interaction between the characters Be/Rupert would make a nice pairing along with Wes/Marie. I like them - any hope for someone special for Tara - she needs someone special to warm her heart. Great story!
Bee and Rupert are one of those pairs that could compliment each other or they might just drive each other insane.

There will be someone for Tara, but she needs some time to get over Willow first, so you're going to have to wait till pretty near the end of Angels and Demons before you find out who it might be.

Thanks, honey!

07/27/2006 06:09 am
i love little matchmaking rosa!! so sweet! and i'm so worried for spike...well i've made my way through all you've got posted, and can't wait for you to post more! i think i will wait and read it as it comes up here from now on though...give me a chance to catch up a bit lol...this is a fantastic story and i'm thoroughly enjoying it...update soon!
The next chapter is already up. It's normally the first thing I do each day... That or get coffee. At a chapter a day, we should get to the end of Angels and Demons in just over four months.

Rosa... well, I love Rosa. She is going to be sooo much trouble when she hits the teen years, but fortunately, that's well beyond the scope of these fics.

Spike... you know that saying about things getting worse before they get better?

07/26/2006 09:44 pm
rosa is force to be watched. great read. thank you
Hee! Thank you! Yep, Wes is going to have his work cut out.

07/26/2006 05:00 pm
Rosa steals the show again! She's a smart little bit. Great party for everybody so far. More story please.
Rosa is definitely a scenestealer. Glad you're enjoying it.

Thanks, honey!

07/26/2006 01:16 pm
Go for it, Wes. High time you got over Fred!
Thanks, honey!

Hee! I think maybe you feel the same way about Fred as I do. After the scene when Wes was in hospital I could just never buy the sweet and innocent routine. It always seemed a big put on, especially when she was meant to be so completely oblivious to Wes's feelings for her, but everybody else knew. She conveniently forgot she wasn't talking to him when she got Wes to help her kill the professor. I wanted to slap her silly when she started bibbling on about Knox to the poor guy. If it wasn't for the fact she was the only one who helped Spike at all when he came back, I'd call her a manipulative bitch... and, of course, this was all written before she was nice to Spike.

07/26/2006 10:17 am
Yes, Wesley, there is a conspiracy against you, but only of the best kind.

Rosa really is well beyond her years. I'd definitely say she's as bad as Lily.

Spike cursed...oh, dear. Very not good. Poisons are evil!

Who's Lori, again, in relation to the others? I've forgotten.
Hee! Yep, Wes is doomed...

Rosa, not only is potentially the most psychically gifted of her family, but she's spent all her life around adults so she can often seem to flick between five and fifty.

Yep, Spike is not having the best of times.

Lori is Marie's PA. She helped out with the research side of things in LA when Spike and Lorne were kidnapped, but I don't think she plays a major part in any of the things that are to come (though don't quote me on that as my memory is notoriously bad).