Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 4.01

08/28/2007 11:48 pm
Oh she was so caring to him, even matching his fags scent
Lol! True love...


09/03/2006 11:29 am
I just hate to see him this weak, quite and in pain. He still hasn't been told about the dog. Would have liked to of see Giles after a brownie or two. A very romantic evening for them. Great read, and I thank you.
Lol! I don't think one or two would have done any more than get someone slightly mellowed out.

As for Spike's condition, it's going to get a lot worse I'm afraid.

Glad you enjoyed it, honey. Thanks!

08/08/2006 10:48 pm
Wonderful Spuffy scene. What a wonderful scene to start section four with. I adored it!
Thank you, honey! And if I remember correctly you might like the next chapter as well.

Either you're doing my trick of treating yourself, or you didn't have quite as much catching up to do with work as I was thinking. A few more chapters and you'll be all caught up.

07/29/2006 07:09 pm
You excelled yourself this time. Beautiful chapter.
Thank you, honey. I'm glad you liked it.

07/29/2006 04:50 pm
wow...that was hot, and powerfully deep and emotional...you're really building up the tension though with this whole sickness thing...i've got this scared little knot in my stomach for spike....great update, looking forward to more
Thanks, honey!

I'm glad you're enjoying it. It's going to take a little time before Spike's illness is resolved, and meantime things aren't going to be fun for either of our heroes.

07/29/2006 07:58 am
From family teasing, to hot bathtime fun...whoo! I'd say they need to get a room, but even when they're in it, everybody already knows what's going on!

Awww...Dawn's got her little fairytale high school romance. Every girl's first boyfriend should make them light up like that.
I doubt Spike and Buffy are going to win any prizes for being discreet.

And, yeah, Dawn soooo deserved that with all the crap she has in her life.

Thanks, honey!

07/29/2006 07:00 am
wonderful read. thank you. love buffy's attitude, and dawn's questioning. thanks again.
And ditto to what I said before... Guess the system is playing up again.

07/29/2006 06:57 am
wonderful read. thank you. love buffy's attitude, and dawn's questioning. thanks again.
Thank you!

I somehow can't imagine Buffy being a patient nurse in general, but there are things she can manage.

As for Dawn, when Spike has the urge to protect her from things he should remember what he told Buffy about trying to hide the fact Dawn was the Key. He might gain a day or two, but anything beyond that and she's going to have it all worked out.