Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 4.03

08/29/2007 01:14 am
OH I feel so sorry for Spike.
Thanks, honey!

09/04/2006 03:29 am
Wondered where you got the title from. Loved that Spike conceded the point about mindless Buffy and dumb blond jokes. Dawn is very paranoid with great reason, since they can't keep their hands off each other for long. Excited about the adventure that's coming, but hate what it's doing to Spike. Put your site on my favs list and will continue to read there once I'm caught up here. Thanks T.
lol. All hail Sarah McLachlan, who not only has a beautiful voice but writes some pretty mean lyrics.

Dawn will eventually get used to them. They may have problems keeping their hands to themselves but they do have a tendency to make sure there's normally a locked door in the way before they get naked.

Posted another 7 chapters here this morning, which takes you up to the end of the first section of the next book, so it's only the last 86 chapters you'd need to switch for now.

Yeah, Spike is not doing too well, but when you find out what/who it is you'll see why he was the target.

Thank you!

08/09/2006 01:12 am
Its after 1 am so I decided I could quit working lol - so I am back to read and review more - excellant chapter. I loved thier reactions to the diamonds, and poor spike is being all brave. Can't wait for them to find out what is wrong with him! Very good chapter - I love it! You are such a great writer - thanks a ton for lovely stories.
Yeah, I think 1 a.m. is a pretty good point to say enough is enough.

Dawn so needed something to pick her up a bit, and like Buffy said expensive presents aren't a substitute for love and attention but they sure do help.

It shouldn't be long now before they work out what's wrong. In fact I think Angel could already take a pretty good guess.

And thank you!

08/01/2006 12:22 am
very good read. thank you. love the thought on the card accompanying the diamonds.
Thank you!

I'm glad you liked it.

07/31/2006 02:58 pm
poor spike...i wonder who's doing that to him...and he sure cant get better if he cant keep anything down...*sigh*...anxiously waiting for your next update
Thanks, honey!

Definitely poor Spike... They really need to find out what's causing it so they can try to fix it.

07/31/2006 02:40 pm
Do we know what's causing this? I've forgotten!
At the moment there are several theories, but none of the good guys know what's going on.

07/31/2006 11:14 am
Poor Spike...only gets a few hours before his stomach's revolting again.

Love "The Princess Bride". Such a classic. I'm sure Dawn made Spike watch it over and over when Buffy was dead.

Diamonds at 15...sigh...and Tara gets some good cozy feelings, too. I love the family vibe.
Thanks, honey!

Spike's definitely not having an easy time of it.

For years, The Princess Bride was my feeling poorly film. Any time I was feeling crappy, it was crawl under the duvet and stick that in the VCR.

Diamonds at 15 - definite sigh. Psycho bitches doing everything bar disect you - not so cool, Don't think I would like to say that they balance out, but hopefully the diamonds will help. And, yep, Tara is definitely family. She'll get the message eventually...

Thanks again.