Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 4.04

08/29/2007 01:33 am
Giles is so i don't know full of himself some times.
Giles just is the way he is... and, having seen what happened with Willow, you can't really blame him for being cautious.


09/04/2006 04:45 am
Awesome chapter, T! Great conversation between Wes and Giles. So glad that Wes see's things as they are and has convinced Giles of the same, well as much as he can without spending more time with them. Go team!!! Very proud of Dawn and her need to be apart of Spike recovery, and she's right, it is a two-way street and it's her turn to drive. Excellent work. Thanks.
I think it's always going to be easier for those, like Tara and Wes, who don't have bad memories of Old Spike to appreciate him for who he is now, but maybe, as you say Giles will at least give the situation some more consideration.

And, yeah, Dawn learned enough from Joyce to know how family works, and that's what Spike is now.

Thank you, sweetie!

08/09/2006 01:32 am
Excellant chapter sweetie - I like how they are looking out for each other and how protective they are of Spike. He deserves the support of his family. great job!
Thanks, honey!

I think the reaction to Spike's illness really showed how much of a family the girls and Spike have become, and like you say, he deserves it.

08/02/2006 12:10 am
very good update, even if spike is still tossing blood. good to see tara and dawn keep giles from maaking the calls. thanks for the fine read.
Lol... You didn't think that he'd get away with deciding what happens when there were two females in the room, did you?

Thanks! Glad you're still enjoying it.

08/01/2006 11:13 pm
Time for the big guns! Excellent tension.
Thank you, honey. Glad you liked it!

08/01/2006 02:29 pm
i wonder what they're gonna see...i wonder if it's willow or someone else...hmmm...i'm getting so worried for poor spike...this chapter was great though, spike's a typical male, lol... "I'm fine, really...I can barely move of my own accord and I'm in severe pain...but everything's just dandy"...*sigh* MEN! lol
Gah! How did I manage not to answer yesterdays comments?

Well, I guess by now you know what they saw... And, yep, I took Spike's insistence on sitting up despite several broken bones after being tortured by Glory as an indication that he was your typical man.

Thanks, honey!

08/01/2006 10:39 am
All for one...family to the rescue. That's a pretty nifty trance, especially in the eyes of someone who knows what they're looking at.

Giles has really been out of the loop, dumb Watcher. He should have been calling to keep in touch, if he insisted on not being there.

Only a few poisons out there would make a vampire burn up. Spike's not going to be happy about taking the cure.
Thanks, sweetie!

Yep, Giles really doesn't know what's happening, but I have a funny feeling that even if he had been calling there's a lot of stuff which wouldn't have been said. Actually, even if he'd still been in Sunnydale there are a lot of things they probably wouldn't have told him.

As for anything else, I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens when they do their trance thing... lol.