Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 4.05

06/26/2010 01:15 am
I hope that bloody witch did enough evil mojo to loose all her teeth and need a walker by now... 

08/29/2007 01:48 am
So Spike thinking of Willow was right, she tainted his Blood which would be why he didn't get sick after Lily's but did after Buffy feed him at home.
which would be why he didn't get sick after Lily's but did after Buffy feed him at home.

Hee, not many people noticed that when I first wrote this, I seem to recall. Well done, honey, and thanks.

09/04/2006 05:51 am
Wow! what a chapter! That was one hell of a shared dream! Shy Tara had to catch it too. Damn it was Willow, she poisoned his blood, but how? Giles just brought it earlier that night? Guess I'll find out soon. Very erotic chappie, girl. Thanks.
Lol! Well, funnily enough I think Wes might have been more disconcerted by that dream than Tara... She comes across as she, but no-one with that wicked grin of hers can really be that innocent.

Glad you enjoyed it, honey! Thanks!

08/24/2006 03:36 pm
They really have to do something about Willow now.
Thanks, honey. I'm glad you're (sort of) enjoying it.

08/09/2006 01:35 am
Oh lovely chapter -I love the details that you put in the chapter - the spirit guardian, willow's seal. This is quite excellant~
Thanks, honey!

The spirit guardian is definitely one of my favourite not-quite-characters... and Tara will have more to say about his existence and the orbs once all this fuss has died down a bit.

08/02/2006 09:37 am
Nice, juicy, shared smutty dreams. WTF has Willow done to Spike's food? Will somebody get to 'splain things to her in a more forceful fashion?
Thanks, honey!

Glad you liked the dream. As for what Willow has been up to that should be clearer in the next chapter or two.

08/02/2006 09:01 am
I love the ancient demon warrior concept.

Tara got quite the eyeful!
Thank you, sweetie! The demon warrior was a favourite idea of mine. As for Tara, yep, I suspect she saw rather more than she had bargained for... Pity, she's probably the last person to appreciate double helpings of Spike.

08/02/2006 05:52 am
wonderful read, wonderful shared dream. thank you. so willow is, at least partial to blame? thanks for the fine read.
Thank you again. Glad you liked the dream... as for Willow, the next chapter or two should make things a bit clearer.

08/02/2006 05:43 am
grrrr...that makes me so mad at willow! i'm not sure if i should feel better that it's not magic or not...at least tara thought of letting him use the orbs...poor baby, he's not doing so well...great update, very much enjoyed it...can't wait for more
Thanks, honey!

The orbs should keep things from getting any worse for now, which is just as well at the rate he was deteriorating.

Willow? Well, I guess that'll all get worked out in the next chapter or two...