Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 4.11

08/29/2007 02:53 am
OH so Clem has a girlfriend, I hope they are good together.
I guess you've already seen how things progress...

Thanks again.

09/04/2006 08:43 am
I guess if the First has made it's self known, then Faith was bound to be around too. Wonder what Angel wanted in the first place? Anyway, good for Clem getting some action too. Can't help but think that because Woods was raised by a watcher, that maybe that's what Giles' informant meant about the Council. Guess I'll see. And before I forget, thanks for that bit of laugh's when Spike said that they weren't auditioning for the "Incredible Journey". I have to say the thought of a Master Vampire followed by a pup followed by a cat just gets me laughing. Something with is well appreciated. Fantastic chapter, thanks.
Lol! Well, this time, when they found out what was going on they actually sent her a message via Angel to let her know what was going on...

You will see, since I can't even hint as I don't remember what Giles' informant said.

Lol, it doesn't help that it's a Siamese cat which fits right in with the film. Glad you liked it, honey!


08/24/2006 04:00 pm
The hunt's on. Very exciting!
Big smile. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Thank you!

08/09/2006 02:33 am
Oh I was rolling with this line "Followed by a dog was one thing, but followed by a dog that was followed by a cat..." I think I love you - that just made my night!

Okay *pouts* the only bad thing about getting caught up on stories is now I ran out... I know it is on your site but then I will forget to leave reviews so I will be patient and wait for uploads here. Besides perhaps I should go to bed... it is 230 in the moning - lol
Lol! Is going to bed at 2.30 better or worse than going to bed at 11ish and then waking up at 4... and posting updates?

Hope you're not too tired for all the work you need to do today. At least now you only have one chapter of this to distract you (and a chapter of Broken Things if you're reading that).

And, yeah, this phase of the story always sort of reminds me of The Incredible Journey, a book I think I got as a school prize in primary 3...

Thanks, honey, and given your workload, I think it's probably a wise choice to wait. We might be on the 4th of 5 'books', but there are still 120 chapters to go and that could make a serious dent in your study time.

08/08/2006 08:55 pm
very good read, thank you. nice to see clem with girl friend. angel and faith rushing to sunnyd. i'm sure bufy will be thrilled.
Thank you!

Clem definitely deserved someone to snuggle up with. As for Angel and Faith, I'm sure they wouldn't normally be Buffy's favourite guests, but their welcome will probably depend on just how useful they make themselves when they get there.

08/08/2006 07:30 pm
Awww, Clem has a girlfriend...

Dr. Dolittle, indeed! But I have a feeling he'll need their help.

Angel and Faith coming to the rescue...I really liked the big brother/little sister thing they ended up with. He's someone Faith has genuine cause to care about, after believing in her this long. I'm sure Buffy's going to put up a big fuss about them showing up, though.
Yep, Clem's got himself a girlfriend and she'll be around for quite a while in a background sort of way.

Spike will probably be glad of some company of any sort before too long.

Angel and Faith will hopefully manage to repay the favour for Wesley's warning about The First hunting slayers.

Thanks, honey!

08/08/2006 02:43 pm
oh wow....that was some imagery i never thought i'd see...lol...but i guess clem deserves some love, too... lol....i hope buffy finds him in tme, and at least she kind of knows what's going on...next chappie soon please
No one expects Clem smut... but I think that's the last of it.

Buffy is going to have her work cut out tracking down the errant vamp but I'll let you find out the details as events unfold.

Thanks, honey!

08/08/2006 09:13 am
Go Clem!! So Lily will play sewer rat to save Spike. Kind of a cliffie though. What's up with Faith?
You've been reading this long and you expect me to have a conscience about leaving you with a cliffie?

Well, even with all the wrinkles, it seemed kinda strange that a guy as sweet as Clem should be on his own.

Yeah, Lily will act as Buffy's guide. After all, she probably uses the tunnels as much as Clem.

Nothing up with Faith, at least nothing that didn't happen in canon, only this time, that message Wes gave Angel told him about The First's slayer hunt and gave her a heads up.

Thanks, honey!