Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 4.13

06/26/2010 02:24 am
Oh no, you didn't. That's the First, right? Spike is dead, after all.

And can I just say, I firmly believe that blowing up the Wanker Central was one thing the First did in S7 that I actually consider a good thing.

08/29/2007 12:27 pm
Oh no, what is happening, oh no he can't die
Thanks, honey! No, he can't...

09/04/2006 09:33 am
I know it's not forever, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.*sniff* I'm going to continue. I need to see if he's going to pay for hurting all the people that love him. Very sombering chapter. It had to be hard for you to write, even though you already know the outcome. Maybe this is another one of your deceptive paths, guess I'll find out sooner then everyone else who read it when you posted it. It's still a great fic just not a very happy one at the moment. Thanks T.
Ehm, yep, that would be another one of my deceptive paths...

Hopefully, you'll feel better by the end of the next chapter.

Thank you!

08/24/2006 08:18 pm
Bloody hell!!!
I'm glad you're enjoying it (or I hope that means you are).

Thank you!

08/10/2006 10:29 pm
very good read, and very evil place to stop. thanks for the fine read. ok, i'll even thank you for the evil chapter ending.
Big evil grin! Thank you! And you know what? I'm in such a good mood after all the evilness, that I might just post the next chapter early and claim it's so I can get a head start on writing when I get up tomorrow morning.

Thanks again!

08/10/2006 04:36 pm
no, no!!!! how awful!! no she has to help him somehow!!! at least they know what the cure is, but...is it really too late? need more story now...but *sigh* i suppose i'll have to wait, won't i? great chapter
Thanks, honey!

Yeah, you probably will have to wait... Well, unless you check the earlier reviews and see what someone else has been speculating. As usual, there'll be more tomorrow, unless you want to catch the last 119 chapters (19 more for FTE, 100 for Angels and Demons) at He's No Angel... or just skip ahead a bit. Yep, I'm evil.


08/10/2006 12:10 pm
Oh oh that is such a mean place to end the chapter - I love it I love it - I must have more! This is such an absolutly wonderful fantastic chappie. *bites nails* I am really looking forward to the next update!
lol! I sooo have my doubts about you lasting another 119 days without switching to He's No Angel and reading ahead, but this way is definitely better for your studies.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, sweetie, and thanks as always for your kind comments.

08/10/2006 10:15 am
Fake image - very cruel.

Giles is a dumbass for thinking Buffy doesn't need him...that the other children don't need guidance still, too. He's a big frickin' coward.

Spike's hairdresser revealed...poor girl/vamp.
Thanks, honey!

Yep, very very cruel but that is The First's M.O.

As for Giles, yep, he's due for some attitude adjustment. Hmmm... Wonder what Section 5 might be about when we get there?