Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 4.14

08/29/2007 12:39 pm
OH thank god he is not dead but what happened to the dog and at least the cat was with him.
Lol! I take it you mean at least the cat was with the dog (who's a her not a him), rather than the cat being with Spike?

Thanks again.

09/04/2006 09:55 am
Bad, bad T. Joyce said he was going to die but it wasn't permanent, so I'm guessing this wasn't it, more to look forward to, thanks! It's hard for me to see him in pain let alone dusted, even for a little while. That's my boy there. Guess I needed a good cry, yes? Well anyway, they're all there for her if she needs them which is great. Guess Giles and Bee aren't out of the picture yet. Going to watch Buffy kick Robin's ass. Gotta say this is better then the last chapter. Thanks T.
Pouts and makes puppy dog eyes...

Not sure what exactly Joyce said, but you have to bear in mind that odds on it was The First playing with Spike's head.

Giles and Bee not totally out of the picture, yet... Time will tell.

And, yeah, everyone is there to back Buffy up now.

Thanks, honey!

08/12/2006 08:15 am
Hmmmm. Does Wood actually think that his mother is with him in spirit or something equally silly? I always thought it strange he never figured out that some vampire was going to kill his mother, it happened to be Spike, who took her in fair combat.
Thanks, honey!

Though your point is perfectly true, I really don't expect it made much difference to a kid focused on taking out his mother's killer... and your comment about a fair fight, I suspect, he would see more as Spike hunting his mother down, after all they didn't just meet by chance, Spike wasn't feeding or doing whatever it took for him to stay alive, he actively hunted Nikki down in cold blood. Hard to see Wood feeling forgiving about it.

As for Wood being stupid, I suspect there's a lot of wanting to be fooled in there... And if you call Wood stupid for it, then I guess in canon Spike would have to be an imbecile to believe he was insane. I mean, were any of his so-called hallucinations people who The First wouldn't have been able to impersonate?

08/12/2006 02:23 am
excellant story so far - this is an excellant - I loved how she knew it wasn;t him. I loved how Be is treating Dawn as an adult and letting her make the decision - and the looking pretty line was excellant

Loved it as always!
Thanks, honey!

Makes a change for Giles not to be the one bossing everyone around. And it's so much fun to let Bee wind him up.

08/11/2006 01:19 am
oh no....i'm so scared for spike...but at least he's alive...sort of...lol..great chapter, love how they were all too smart to fall for it (even if i wasn't) lol.. great job
Thanks, honey!

And, hey, if they were so smart why were they sitting round drinking Wes's brandy? Yeah, they worked it out eventually but their instantaneous reaction was of the "Oh bugger!" variety...

Glad you enjoyed it.

08/11/2006 01:08 am
just your normal great read, thank you very much. good dog, rogue. love rupert. rupert the cat, not rupert the ass.
love rupert. rupert the cat, not rupert the ass.
lol! I just had to grin when I read this.

Thanks for brightening my morning. Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

08/10/2006 11:05 pm
Poor Rogue...

Dun dun duh...revelations for Giles. Long deserved credit finally realized.

And once again, I love Bee!
Yep, poor Rogue, though it is hard to feel too sorry for any female who gets to share a bed with Spike.

Giles will eventually realise that he's been wrong about Spike a lot of the time.

Yep, Bee is definitely a keeper.