Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 4.15

06/26/2010 02:41 am
You know, this whole thing with the crosses in Wood's garrage creeped me out big time. Now it's even more creepy. And what's with the First and keeping crazy dudes in the school basement? 

06/16/2010 09:38 pm
Good point for Dawny with the Riley mention. Buffy is a bit of a hypocrite, Methinks. Just seems that she's enjoying the whole 'I'm the boss, you do as I say' routine a bit too much and too often lording her power over her sister. I get that she has to be the responsible adult *snort* now, but she and Spike both need to remember Dawn isn't twelve.

08/29/2007 12:53 pm
Oh so now Spike knows what is going on so I wonder what he will do to get out.
Lol! As usual, I'm so far behind that I'm sure you already know...

Thanks again.

09/04/2006 10:29 am
Thanks for bringing in some levity. Dawn's certainly right about Brandon not worrying about his throat. The pentagram's magic must have knocked out Giles and Tara? Powerful magic given to Woods by the Council no doubt. Good thing Bee already knows a lot of demon languages, wonder she knows sign language too? Looks like it would help on her date. Ha ha! Great chapter, thanks.
No, his throat would not be the worry area.

Magic innate to the seal itself (in my 'verse, anyway).

Well, I figure if Bee couldn't talk to her doctor that would make him being her doctor kinda pointless.

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks, honey!

08/24/2006 08:35 pm
Very clever how you've woven the threads.
I do my best. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Thank you!

08/13/2006 09:37 am
Yikes. Is Wood hanging around over the Hellmouth? I do love Rupert, Rogue and Bee. Cute demon trying to help Tara and Giles (not the cool Rupert).
Is Wood hanging around over the Hellmouth?

He was... Guessing by now you've probably read the next update as it would have already been there when you reviewed this chapter.

Glad the original characters are fitting in so well with the Scoobies.

08/13/2006 12:17 am
excellent read, thank you. go bree, go dawn, and someone do the world a favor, step on xander.
lol! Thanks, honey! I'm glad you enjoyed it, except for the near inevitable Xander let down.

08/12/2006 08:15 pm
excellant chapter - lov it much
Thank you, honey!

08/12/2006 03:21 pm
oh wow...is wood *trying* to open the hellmouth, or is he just an idiot? poor spike! buffy needs to hurry! at least he's still alive and coherent enough to be thinking smart....great chapter, more soon please
Well, we all knew The First had done quite the number on Wood, so I'd go with trying to open the hellmouth...

08/12/2006 10:33 am
About time for Spike to kick some ass.

Figured Bee wasn't 100% human. I bet she's something really special.

Xander has no manners!! His parents should be shot.

Nice to have a medic around, even if he only speaks in noises.
Hee! Well, he'll give it a good go, but he's at a slight disadvantage at the moment.

Bee, well, yeah, she is pretty special.

Xander? Well, I doubt his parents brought him up to hate demons, but they sure laid the foundations.

And, yeah, a medic is going to be pretty useful in the upcoming chapters.

Thanks, honey, as always...