Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 4.17

06/26/2010 03:11 am
You know, on one hand I'm thinking Wood got what he deserved, on the other hand - he's just a victim, like canon!Spike was, when the First was messing with his head. But then Spike actually fought it so hard that it almost killed him, and Wood just rolled over and believed the illusion, because it gave him something he wanted, so I can't say I feel too bad about holding it against him... 

08/29/2007 06:17 pm
OH well he might not be leaving Sunnydale hope Spike is ok with him in the psych ward.
I think as long as he's somewhere where he can't do anyone any harm, Spike won't be too bothered.

Thanks again.

09/04/2006 11:47 am
Got to give Angel a point or two for intent. Don't blame Buffy I bit for not wanting Faith to donate. I keep wondering about rupert the cat. Is he a real cat or a demon of some kind. If he's real, he's one of a kind that's for sure. Like Koko in the "Cat Who..." books. I'm just a happy little chappy, thanks, T. Terrific chapter.
Lol! I think it's safe to say that Rupert is more of a companion in feline form than a cat.

Yep, Angel was at least trying to do the right thing, and no, Buffy had good reason not to want Faith involved, but I guess you'll see how that plays out...

Thanks again!

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08/14/2006 09:03 pm
very good update, thank you
Thank you, honey!

08/14/2006 12:23 pm
LMAO - they ran into Holden - how funny - good lock Wood up and throw away the key! i love it!
Well, you have to admit that Wood gave them plenty of reason to doubt his sanity... and somehow I don't think The First is going to go out of its way to help him out, now that he has no particular use.

Glad you liked it, honey! Thanks as always for your kind words.

08/14/2006 07:17 am
Hey, a mention of ol' Holden.

And Spike says the sweetest things...

Wes is right about Bee...Giles probably won't see that for a long time, though.

And Buffy with her silly jealousies...if she focused more on what she could do vs. what people do around her, she wouldn't have the problem.
Hee! The Holden reference seemed kinda appropriate.

Lol! Having proofed a bunch of chapters at once, I had to do a quick skim to see which bits of Spike-speech you might be referring to. Of course, the first thing I found was "you can f**k right off."

Giles has issues that need to be worked out before he'll be in a position to have a relationship with anyone, not least of which is working out which side of The Atlantic he belongs.

And, well, I figure Buffy's jealous streak pretty much puts her on a level footing with Spike, which is probably healthier in the long term than him being all possessive vamp and her not understanding where it comes from... and lets face it, it's not like Faith hasn't gone out of her way in the past to cause trouble.

Anyway, thanks, honey, as always for taking the time to comment.

08/14/2006 06:55 am
good...wood needs to be locked away where he can't do anymore damage...can't wait for spike to be all better...and i want bee and giles to hook up, too...great chapter, looking forward to the next
Thanks, honey!

Not sure I want to comment on your wish list and what you might or might not get, except to say, more tomorrow as usual...