Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 5.01

08/29/2007 11:30 pm
OH I wonder what Faith will think of being woken up by them.
Lol! I'm sure you've found out by now...

Thanks again.

09/04/2006 01:13 pm
You know, it's a good thing that this happened with Spike so that Buffy gets an idea of how Spike lives his life in consistent fear of losing her. She does come with an expiration date as they say. Gotta love those shared dreams. One more I guess, and then I'll call it for a few hours. Nothing to do today, It's our Labor Day and my son and I are staying home. A three day holiday from school and he catching up on all the anime' that he's downloaded. Fantastic chapter, thanks.
Lol! isn't it good when kids amuse themselves (not that I have any. Technically, a 39-year-old husband doesn't count.)

Beginning to look like there's a good chance you might get this book finished later today.

Glad you enjoyed it, honey. Thank you!

08/24/2006 09:51 pm
Powerful stuff.
Thank you, honey!

08/17/2006 09:32 pm
great update, thanks for the fun read. loved the "the bint the sofa" convversation.
Lol, well, I really couldn't see Buffy passing up the opportunity for a little bit of payback, and a whole lot of making sure Faith knows Spike's taken.

Thank you!

08/17/2006 02:33 pm
that was sobering at the end....so what's gonna happen next? now they have to deal with the first, i suppose? great chapter...on to more please
In the long term i.e. in the fifth book in the series, Angels and Demons, they have to deal with The First. In the shorter term Buffy has other priorities.

08/17/2006 01:04 pm
What a lovely chapter. Another great start to a new section. My livejournal is athenewolfe. I just added you! I can't wait to see how this story turns out. I love these dreams. Fantastic job!
Thanks, honey!

I'm glad you liked it. This section is really more about another couple than Buffy and Spike, so make the most of those dreams, but I guess you'll find out where this is going in a chapter or two.

Have added you to my LJ FL as well. Look forward to spotting your posts.

08/17/2006 09:17 am
A pretty place in a dream...and a Potential to find. Into the nitty-gritty of war with the First.

I'm thinking Faith isn't getting much sleep while they're up there.
Yep, I guess this is where the it really begins to become a war... And, no, I don't imagine Faith getting much sleep with those two above her... Guess Buffy isn't quite as magnanimous as she might want people to think.