Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 5.03

06/17/2010 01:44 am
Go Dawnie! I like Faith but it was nothing less than she deserves and if the adults are too 'polite' or supposedly 'grown up' to dish it out, Dawn isn't.

08/30/2007 12:54 am
I would be leaving too at what they are talking about.
Lol! Well, I don't think Giles regards it as one of his finest moments... but he's not getting off that lightly.

Thanks again.

09/05/2006 08:01 am
Buffy so throughly busted him, and Dawn was right , it only made them feel like teens. I guess we know how they were as teens then don't we! Rutting little hormone bombs! I read your comments before I started to read and when you said that you had 100 chapters for A&D I wanted to see how many you had actually posted, Crap! it was all 100! As I was counting I had inadvertently saw something I wished I didn't. I won't say here in case someone reads this review, but I understand your comment about who will not be at the wedding. No kibitzer here. You can so count your hubby as a child! They act the part, they get the title. No matter if I was married or in a long relationship, if they acted like a kid then they got the title, which happened in every case at some point. Who's the guy that's in Canada? and what house was she at? Another excellent read, thanks.
Lol! I finally finished AAD about three months ago now (I think) after almost four years of writing it.

As for hubby, he has a whole room for his toy soldiers... Need I say more?

If it's any consolation what you inadvertantly saw will probably be covered in the next batch of chapters that I post or the batch after that, so I imagine you'll get there fairly soon.

Who the guy is... Well, that'd be chapter 4.02 of AAD if you really want to find out.

And thank you!

08/21/2006 01:27 pm
LMAO - that was brilliant! I adored how you got giles to do what you wanted him to do by reveling the band candy incident in front of dawn. Now he has to go get drunk or deal with dawn after she found out! Brilliant writing style!
It's so long ago that I can't remember if there was any sort of conscious planning, but yeah, getting drunk with two vampires must seem like a doddle compared with facing Dawn.

Thanks, honey!

08/19/2006 09:32 pm
very good read. loved dawn highlighting this chapter. thanks for the fun read.
Thanks, honey!

Dawn has her own special charms.

08/19/2006 08:35 pm
good point, dawnie...so rupie has these latent tendencies to get a little...er...randy...with or without the candy, perhsap? lol....great chapter, loved it...love the dawn interaction with -- well, *everyone* -- even if she *is* being a bit of a brat...great chapter
Lol! I think after the Sam thing Dawn has a licence to be a brat for a while, even if she didn't get one just for being a teenager... and, yep, it might just be that Giles has certain tendencies he'd rather no one knew about.

Thanks, honey!

08/19/2006 08:57 am
Ooooooo.....Giles is in trouble....

And man! Dawn really took her nasty pills today. Even Faith didn't deserve that much vitriol.
Well, Giles' little secret was bound to come out sometime...

And Dawn, well, not that she can't do the nasty anyway, but it's only fair to expect that she'll act up a bit after the whole Sam thing...

Thanks, honey.