Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 5.04

07/21/2008 07:33 am
I've been reading for 12 hours now or a bit more and I'd say based on that, you've created a pretty telling tale.  I like the household and Wes across the way and the silly references to things of now and I love love love what goes on behind closed doors at the Summers household.  I vote a definite yahoo!! EYa on your story and I'm going to drag myself away from this wonderful version of Spike and Buffy--I like how they are with one another--I love Spike all Alpha male and Buffy as the winsome wench with him and hte cool killer out in the world.  As it should be--like Giles and Love Tara!!  Your description of her smile is priceless and so very much of Amber Benson!!  Many thanks for the good read--no chores done today I'll have you know but I got to visit a very unique world and that's always a treat.

08/30/2007 02:51 am
OH I can't believe Angel.
Lol! Well, in canon, he never really gave up on her until he fell in love with Cordelia, and he had well and truly screwed with her head to the extent that no one was ever going to measure up before he left...

Thanks again.

09/05/2006 08:39 am
Way to go! you had Spike on a real roll, first Giles, and I have to say that I hated the way the writer's handled their relationship after the incident. Then Angel, throw in his comment about Faith looking like a chippie, and then calling her a slut. Calling Gunn, Sisko and laughing when Gunn thought he could protect Angel better than Conner or Faith. And last but not least when Angel gave his reason for leaving Buffy, I'm surprised that he didn't just start the brawl that Spike was trying to prevent. Dawn almost got away with it! Awesome dialogue for Spike. Great read, thanks.
Lol! It's chapters like these that make Spike so much fun to write...

And, I'm not sure Spike would have minded a brawl, just so long as it didn't spoil Buffy's "Happy Day".

Thank you, honey!

08/24/2006 11:02 pm
This is so well written. The characters are spot-on.
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

08/21/2006 01:33 pm
Oh I love this chapter sweetie! It is really great! The whole game of asking questions were really good. I love how Angel had to admit that he thought he would end up with her. I am so glad that Spike was there for Buffy. Also I adored the part where SPike was yelling at Giles for the treatment of Joyce. super chapter!
Thanks, honey!

Even with a whole bunch of alcohol I still had to work out a way to actually begin to get them talking, 'cause it was far too easy just to imagine them sitting in three of the four corners of the room and glaring at each other.

And, well, if that wasn't Angel's plan, I'd love to know what that whole cookie-dough scene was about, though I'm not sure whether I would have seen that when I wrote this. It seems likely that that might have been what inspired this, though. As for Spiike yelling at Giles, pure wish gratification on my part. Joyce so didn't deserve to be alone all that time.

08/21/2006 12:07 am
The drinking game is really funny, except for Angel's asshole revelations. I read ahead for this part, and....wow....
Lol! Well not quite sure just how far ahead you've read, but, yeah, Spike succeeds in getting everyone's tongues loosened up.

Thanks, honey.

08/20/2006 08:05 pm
very good read. love spike sounding off to giles about his treatment of joyce. giles chapter ending statement is a starting point. thanks for the fine read.
Thank you!

Yep, there's hope that Giles and Spike will learn to get along, yet...

08/20/2006 07:48 pm
great chapter..hating angel now more than ever, great soddin' pouf...lol...hurting buffy on purpose like that...grrr...okay, more now!
Thanks, honey!

The thing is that I can well imagine Angel thinking like that and talking himself into believing that he was doing Buffy a favour. It certainly fits in with his appearance at the end of S7.

08/20/2006 12:15 pm
Lovely bonding between "gentlemen." Teeheehee
Thanks, honey! The fun's just starting.