Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 5.05

08/30/2007 03:16 am
So Giles out drank Angel well isn't that neat.
Well, as Spike pointed out, between him and Giles they probably forced Angel to drink a lot more than Giles did, but it's still kinda cool...

Thanks again.

09/05/2006 09:05 am
That was some truth or dare, not dare,...Drink! Spike's right about it never being sorted, no why for Giles to make it right with Jenny, no way at all, so no way for it to be right with Angel no matter how much Buffy wants it. Great dialogue between the three men. There's a little spark beteen Wes and Marie. At least there both attracted to each other. Wonderful writing T, thanks.
Lol! No way? Maybe not quite no way... It's so much fun having Giles and Spike gang up on Angel.

And, yep, there's a spark but Wes still has feelings for Fred and there's Rosa to consider...

Thanks again!

08/24/2006 11:15 pm
Good tough talking.
Thanks, honey!

08/22/2006 12:32 am
very good chapter. marie was wonderful. spike's "there's just no way to make that right..." seems to be right to the point. thanks for the fine read.
Thank you...

And Spike should know about the 'no way to make thing right' situation, given how things were between him and Joyce when Joyce died.

08/21/2006 02:49 pm
and spike just hit the nail on the head right there....jenny is the reason that giles will never be able to get past his hatred of angel...sigh...poor giles...i even feel a bit sorry for angel, even though he's too stupid to get it.. great chapter, looking forward to the next
Thanks, honey!

I think Angel finds it convenient to pretend to be too stupid to get it, in the same way that he finds it convenient to parrot out, "but I didn't have a soul when I..." Much like Xander, he always manages to get away without really taking responsibility for his actions. Never is a very long time, however...

08/21/2006 01:39 pm
Ohhhh great chapter - I love how you brought up Jenny and the concept that it wasn't that he killed her it was that he took awat the chance to make peace, I love this chapter and cannot wait for more - great chapter sweetie!
Thanks, honey!

I figure that the way things were left between Spike and Joyce, it'd be all too easy for him to imagine how Giles feels.

I'm glad you liked it. More tomorrow. Promise.

08/21/2006 09:43 am
The drunken gentlemen must be passed out cold by the time I write this. Good perspicacity by Spike in the conversation about Giles' resentment over Jenny's death; "there's just no way to make that right. . ."
Lol, the drunken gentlemen would probably be better off if they were passed out cold, but I guess you'll get to see what they're up to next chapter.

Thanks, honey!

08/21/2006 09:17 am
Well, I had time...and the drinking game was just too much fun to stop at one chapter....so, a ways...

Just gets funnier and funnier!
Lol1 I have a funny feeling that might mean the rest of the book. I know I started off proofing the next chapter and then kept going, only I'm pretty sure it was more reading than proofing by the second or third chapter.

Thanks, honey!