Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 5.07

04/30/2012 04:51 am
This is the funniest chapter of the whole series. I loved Spike arguing with himself/Jenny! As much as I dislike Angel I was laughing along with him when he found out about Harmony. Then I was laughing at him when he found out he was Harmony's grandpa. Buffy in bible study is too funny. It really was silly of her to think she could just pick a church and get married in it without joining the church. William was a member of the Church of England before he died. He doesn't need bible study, he might be a sinner but he is still a member of the church and has all the knowledge required to be married in a church. Granted a lapsed member but a member nonetheless. And Presbyterian is very close to C of E, and the minister seems to be a pretty cool guy who is correct when he says it isn't his place to judge anyone's actions. His job is to make sure they have the knowledge to make an informed decision to get married in the church, and let G0d decide who is the sinner or saint.

08/30/2007 03:44 am
OH this is good, I wonder how Spike is going to shag Buffy with Jenny inside him.
You might recall Spike having a go at Angel because he had to sleep with Buffy in order to be perfectly happy rather than being happy because Buffy was happy...

Thanks again.

09/05/2006 09:58 am
Poor Buffy wasn't even prepared for that one, no clue that it was coming. OMG! ROTFL! Spike never gets a break does he? What does Jenny expect from him? to throw Giles over the table and have his way with him? That's just hilarious! Harmony's and Spike where Childe's of Angelus? To a vamp, guess it doesn't really matter. Wonder if Buffy's going to find out? Just love this. Great work.
No, I hate to say it but the poor guy never does.

Harmony and Spike both Angel's grandchilder in this 'verse, so sort of like cousins, but considering Angel was Darla's childe and Spike was Dru's I don't think that sort of thing bothers them.

Thanks again!

08/24/2006 11:29 pm
Buffy will flip!
She almost certainly will. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Thank you!

08/23/2006 12:04 pm
oh i love it - angel is indirectly responsible for Harmony isn;t that just fab! Great chapter i am enjoying reading this!
Hee! Well, there are some ideas that are just too hard to resist.

Thanks, honey!

08/23/2006 03:02 am
lol...that's a nice twist, angel as harmony's grand-sire...jenny's debate with spike was hilarious, too...loved jenny, glad you brought her back for a bit.... great chapter
Hee! Anything that makes Angel look like an idiot... And, yep, the Jenny vs. Spike argument has to be one of my own favourite moments.


08/22/2006 09:53 pm
good update, funny read. love spike-jenny arguing. thanks for the read.
Thanks, honey!

I'm really glad you're enjoying it.

08/22/2006 03:13 pm
Oh, geeze, this gets funny with the Jenny/Spike bickering. And Harmony's family! LOL....joke's on Angel!

Definitely approve of Wes and Bee's partnership. She's one smart cookie.

Is Buffy really learning much at these sessions with the minister? It seems odd to me that Spike isn't inolved in those...that this minister isn't doing couple's counseling before the wedding?
Joke is definitely on Angel, and I think Wes knows himself well enough to know sitting in an office on his own would be bad.

As for the sessions, Buffy has to join the church before they can get to where they would start couples' counselling, so she and Dawn are doing confirmation classes. William of course was educated in the Victorian era and already probably knows more than your average layperson, hence the fact that he isn't required to attend. One of the bits you missed joining in at Book 3.