Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 5.11

09/23/2010 04:26 pm

08/30/2007 12:17 pm
Oh I can't wait to see what they are going to do.
Here's hoping it lived up to expectations.


09/05/2006 11:30 am
Olivia won't be coming will she? but with Bee being a demon and will Giles want to have demon children as well? They would only be a quarter demon anyway, maybe it could work. Very interesting chappie, thanks for the read.
Well, if you do a quick back-track to chapter 4.17, you'll find that Bee won't be having any children at all... And, as you say, I'm not sure Giles would have coped well with partially demon offspring. Even at a quarter demon you just don't know which traits would be dominant. Maybe they'd be able to pass for human like their mother and maybe they wouldn't.

Wes's situation is different because he already knows what Rosa is like - and who could help but love her? - but assuming Giles and Bee could have kids (even though I've made it so they couldn't) then it would be a lottery as to how human or otherwise they turned out to be. I just can't see stuffy old Giles taking that sort of risk.

Thank you!

08/23/2006 12:18 pm
i love bee in this - she is such a great charcter - you have an excellant cast of characters in this!
Thank you, honey! I'm really glad you like her. It's one of the great things about writing a fic as long as this series where you can intigrate original characters without them feeling as if they've been shoe-horned in there.

08/23/2006 03:26 am
willow is so gonna destroy herself before all is said and done...i think i'm gonna wanna cry at her end fate, because i can't really see her ever really coming around...great chapter
I guess we'll find out when you read Angels and Demons... until then I'll try not to give too much away.

Thank you!

I'm really glad you're enjoying it.

08/22/2006 11:48 pm
bree is going to be a great partner for wes. very good read, thank you.
Yep, unfortunately things from here on out become so First orientated that I didn't get as much of a chance to explore their partnership as I might have liked, but both of them will be working within the larger group in the next book.

Thanks, as always.

08/22/2006 03:36 pm
Feeding his cooking to the dog is just rude, lol. Waste of good ingredients if they never eat it.

Willow...well, all you can do is shake your head. It's pretty much too late for her to have a good life again.
Lol, I think that just seems to end up being how things have worked out...

As for Willow, well I guess you'll find out in Angels & Demons.