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Chapter: Failed

09/10/2006 03:15 am
wow...sounds ugly....fascinating chapter, though....great job, love very much looking forward to more
I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter!

09/08/2006 04:45 am
Hurray, a new chapter! This is such a complex story - so many things going on. I love the potential here for Buffy to actually fix several relationships that she didn't even help to screw up. That's a new, more proactive role for her. I'm also enjoying Jenna; what a likable character.
There IS a lot of things going on, and I'm glad that people are able to follow it. Your insights to Buffy and what she can do here... you might be on to something. *grins* And I'm very glad to hear that you like Jenna. Thanks for the wonderful review.

09/07/2006 04:50 am
"the wait was worth it." glad we are going to see more of jenna. thanks for the fine read.
Good to hear it was worth the wait, and I'm glad you enjoyed Jenna. Thanks for the review.

09/06/2006 02:01 pm
ohh very good chapter - so sad that there is no more chapters *pouts* very excellant fc i enjoyed it much!
I'm glad you enjoyed it! There's more coming, this fic is going to be LONG. Thanks for the review!

09/06/2006 08:28 am
Awww, you can't take Buffy away from Spike. Bad Demi!
LOL - Demi's just doing his job. Thanks for the review!

09/06/2006 08:27 am
Hi there, missed you over the summer, hope it was good. Does that mean Jenna's going to take Buffy away from Spike again? That's just so cruel, she's just starting to feel better about herself again and Spike. Where's the one that's supposed to be here instead? So many questions and W&H are going to start a war? If Demetrius knows about this war, why wouldn't he want the slayer there? It's really fantastic that Buffy doesn't want to treat Spike tha way that she used to but he is there to help. I hope she realizes that soon. Great job, hope you can update again soon. Thanks for the great read.
Oooh, a lot of questions. I'll answer what I can. Re: Jenna - *zips lips* Re: the Buffy supposed to be here instead - she died, is in 'the resting place' for Slayers. Re: W&H - war is on the agenda, as it always is. Re: Demetrius - his concerns are ONLY for his Slayers. Buffy HAD passed over so it's his duty to ensure she gets her peace. They're not allowed to interrupt.

Thank you SO much for the wonderful review and I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

09/06/2006 06:50 am
Thank you.