Mask and Mirrors by pfeifferpack
Chapter: Chapter 12

03/02/2008 01:04 pm
Poor Tara...and Spike,of course. It was rude of Buffy to doubt Spike even for a slight second,but it ended well,yeah?

Well Spike is just now starting to be trustworthy  in Buffy's defense *G*.  She will learn.  k

04/23/2007 08:08 pm
oh no!!! maybe this will be different? someone might be in time to help poor tara??? great chapter, by the way, loved buffy's reactions to spike...hope he feels better soon...great cahpter, love
Thank you. Tara is too tasty for Glory to pass up I fear. k

09/28/2006 07:26 am
very good read, thank you. loved the fight you put in the scene with tara and glory. tara was (is) a fantastic character that the writers of canon abused.

09/17/2006 08:46 pm
So glad to see an update! Thanks, that was great.

09/15/2006 07:58 pm
Don't think Spike will get away with lying to his Mother (Buffy's only good at lying to herself)but what a place to end. Need more and Thank You for the update

09/15/2006 07:34 am
Great chapter

09/14/2006 09:20 pm
yhanks for the update, glad to see mrs pratt helping out and seeing that willow is in trouble

09/14/2006 07:17 pm
I really love the influence Anne is having on everyone. I hope she will also be able to help Willow. Spike realizing the truth about Glory this early can only be helpful, I am looking forward to how things get resolved. Buffy’s meeting with Spike was much sweeter then what happened on the show. Poor Tara. Thanks so much for the update, I really enjoyed it.

09/14/2006 04:30 pm
Thanks for the update. Good chapter. I was hoping since Spike's dealings with Glory happened differently that Tara would not be affected. Please update soon.

09/14/2006 04:14 pm
So glad to see an update - this is such a wonderful story! When Joyce died, the Scoobies were in many ways cut adrift. Your Anne fills the void thoroughly and is such a wise voice. And now, poor Tara...

09/14/2006 02:19 pm
Love Anne and the turns you've made in the various relationships; poor Tara, I hate to see this happen again. Looking forward to more.

09/14/2006 10:02 am
Great chapter as usual. I love this story. Has such a big potential!!! Please update soon.

09/14/2006 04:58 am
great chapter

09/14/2006 03:17 am
There's alot of little threads in this chapter. From Anne noticing Willows reckless use of magic through Buffy seeing Spike clearly to the oncoming disaster with Tara and Glory.

09/14/2006 02:49 am
Lovely update. It's good to see everyone progressing so well. Well, maybe not Willow, but we'll see what Anne can do about that.

09/14/2006 02:04 am
*whimper* Not Tara! I hated this part....

Yay, Buffy, for being civil and decent.

Anne is such a gem.